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This week’s episode of put “black-on black crime” on full display with politics at the center of all the turmoil, as we see learn how the investigations into the deaths of Jesse Carr and Joey Campbell affect the community. Preston and Ashe hear shots fired and when they arrive at the investigation they find Lieutenant Breeland standing over the body of a young black boy. Preston is obviously out of it but  Breeland and Ashe just assume it’s another black causality.

Preston and Ashe meet with Pastor Janae James, who’s one of the most shadiest characters in this town to find out that she feels police are “ineffective.” This however is a common belief in many communities throughout the nation and I’m happy this was brought to light especially on a network like Fox. As more police officers circle in they continue with the questions as , Janae dodges them at every opportunity. Alicia Carr gets an unexpected visit from gubernatorial candidate Penn Moder who tells her he wants to honor Jesse’s memory by introducing a bill that would require deputies who pull over youth to call parents before demanding the kid get out of the car and escalating the situation. This seems like a great solution to an ongoing problem but oddly angers Alicia as she fears ulterior motives. Ashe and Preston find a new in the Jesse Carr case when the toxicology report indicates he was drunk at the time of his death. They bring in his parents and we learn that he had a drinking problem.

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Meanwhile Gov. Eamons meets with Pastor Janae where she criticizes Eamons for not looking out for the poor and working class in North Carolina which at first gets them on the wrong foot but they later find common ground with their strong beliefs in serving their community. In an effort of good faith, Eamons accompanies Janae on a visit to Shameeka Campbell where she promises to have sheriff’s office to look into her son’s death, but Shameeka also wants her to stop Shawn’s school from closing so he doesn’t lose his chance of going to College.

Preston and Ashe arrive at Jesse’s college to meet with his ex-girlfriend, who says Jesse was shy when they first met but became a different person as he got more lost in his fraternity. Preston begins to interview Jesse’s frat brothers and confirms the bullying he received from other fraternity brothers at the school. He quickly realizes that frats aren’t exactly as great as he thought. I’m not sure how Preston a cop and an Ivy league graduate would not know about hazing or bullying in fraternities, this seems like common knowledge now. Joshua Beck finally gets home, he finds his wife Kerry struggling to fix a leak in the sink because the plumber refused to come. It seems the Beck’s are on the outs as she tells him she’s been asked to withdraw as a bridesmaid from her friend’s wedding.

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While following up on Jesse’s car for Alicia, Ashe sees Corey’s dad finally filing a missing person’s report and decides to follow him. She receives a call from Kai that sends her on a tailspin of emotions when her daughter starts talking about shopping with her stepmom Paula she begins to get noticeably upset, when Kai begins to talk Spanish, she completely loses it which hurts her daughter’s feelings. Javier steps in to end the call and which further propels her into emotional turmoil that seemed to be just the beginning and worse is definitely around the corner. After following Corey’s dad all the way home, she breaks in to find Corey himself. I was honestly shocked at this point and so happy we took this turn in the story as it was one of the rare occasions in the episode that made me want to tune in for next week.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode as it was honest, relevant and more than timely. The commentary provided on “black-on-black” crime, missing children, influence of politics in all the wrong places in a community is a much needed conversation in the current state of political turmoil in America. As the investigation continues taking us through a roller coaster of emotions we finally start to learn more about the characters which only makes the story even more interesting, as we need to care about them in a way that makes us understand their choices and I finally feel we’ve come to that point.

Will you keep watching Shots Fired? What did you think of the issues raised in this episode?


Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
Shots Fired airs Wednesday at 8PM on FOX

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