SILICON VALLEY Review: “Two in the Box”


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Airtime: Sundays at 10PM on HBO
Episode: Season 3, Episode 2 (S03E02)


Tweetable Takeaway: Richard struggles to keep up with the new changes at Pied Piper on #SiliconValley

It’s a new season on  and already there are plenty of changes. Last week, new Pied Piper CEO Jack Barker was introduced. This week, Jack is already making his presence known, much to Richard’s frustration. During a routine medical checkup, Richard laments to his doc about the new normal. The doctor adds salt to Richard’s wounds by thanking the heavens that as a doctor someone couldn’t just come in and boss him around. The show has always been sharp in poking fun at the bizarre way business gets done in the tech world and this is another example.


Some of Jack’s alterations to Pied Piper include a brand new office, a revamped Pied Paper logo, and a a new sales team who insists on reintroducing themselves to Richard every time they speak. This sales team, particularly “Jan the Man,” provide this week’s biggest laughs. The team is keen on making money right now, whereas Richard sees a slower path to growth. This results in several clashes, and each time Richard looks for guidance from Jack, he’s nowhere to found. That mix of resenting Jack, all the while still needing his guidance, was pretty interesting and smart. Add to it, Richard discovers that Jack isn’t even MIA for a good reason. One time, he’s at some charity thing. Another, Richard tracks his CEO down at a horse stable, where he’s waiting with bated breath for a mare and a stallion to get it on. (“I paid $500,000 for that sperm!” Wow.)


Some of the other storylines in this episode, however, don’t feel as satisfying. Now that his place at Pied Piper is secure again, Jared decides to move back into his condo that he’d been renting out. However, Jared’s tenant doesn’t want to leave. Not much comedy comes from the whole situation however.

Meanwhile, at Hooli, the Nucleus team is forced to reverse engineer the company’s algorithm so that its search engine no longer shows negative results about Gavin. Hooli refuse to outright admit this shady practice and the dancing around that goes on here is fun. Let’s also not forget that these poor Nucleus engineers are about to be let go too.

Ultimately, Richard discovers that the biggest changes at Pied Piper don’t involve new employees or offices, but the very product itself. Richard gives a long, high-minded speech to Jack about changing the world. Jack lets him vent but then pretty much says that his only goal with Pied Piper is to make money. That’s his , after all. To that end, Pied Piper will now begin manufacturing a dull box looking piece of physical hardware to store data. A portable hard drive basically. Ouch.



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