“Silicon Valley”: Richard, the Pied Piper Gang Face More Perils in Trailer for Season 5 (Video)



’s popular comedy  will return on Sunday, March 25 for its fifth season, and going by the trailer for Season 5, Thomas Middleditch’s Richard Hendricks and his company Pied Piper will be expanding, while still facing an uphill battle to make the company work within the competitive tech world..

As fans of the show know, T.J. Miller’s Erlich Bachman left the series at the end of last season, but it looks like Richard, Martin Starr’s Gilfoyle, Kumhail Nanjiani’s Dinesh, Zach Wood’s Jared and Amanda Crew’s Monica still have a lot on their hands in trying to turn Pied Piper into a lucrative business.

Created by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead) and Dave Krinsky, Silicon Valley  continues to be one of ’s stronger comedies, along with Veep and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it makes sense since there’s so much humor inherent in what is happening in the real Silicon Valley. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the show, and it’s one of the few shows I watch religiously.

You can watch the new trailer below and decide for yourself whether T.J. Miller and his abrasive character will be missed.


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