SMILF Review: “Run, Bridgette, Run Or Forty-Eight Cupcakes & Graveyard Rum”


SMILF mixes things up with a four-part alternative-ending episode this week in “Run, Bridgette, Run Or Forty-Eight Burnt Cupcakes & Graveyard Rum.” The episode is arguably the funniest yet, with each of our leading cast taking turns being hit by a funeral hearse, which, you have to admit, is a pretty hilarious way to go.

The episode mostly deals with the hypothetical fallout between Bridgette, Rafi, and her mother, after Rafi and her mom decide to get Larry baptized behind Bridgette’s back. Bridgette hasn’t forgiven them for doing that without consulting her – though she would have never agreed to it if they had – and refuses to let Larry see either of them, or celebrate Father’s Day/Mothers-As-Fathers Day with them.

The episode starts out with this scenario, and then replays it with various outcomes four times. It’s an interesting and unusual episode to watch. Most shows don’t diverge from their typical format – especially without a particular reason to, but SMILF does, and it works out relatively great for the show. It’s not a jarring change, or one that leaves us seriously asking why the show would choose to switch up the story formatting for this episode so drastically. Sure, we’re curious as to why the writers decided to tell this story, and tell it this way, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying the episode.

In fact, I’d venture to say that the formatting change actually helped this episode. Granted, this isn’t the type of episode structure you could simply start adopting and use every week, but it helped the story and the jokes flow with the shorter through-lines. It also made the resolution scene at the end pay off in a bigger way, as we see what could have been, and then we see what actually was.

So, now to recap:

As a result of Bridgette’s refusal to let Larry see his dad or his grandma, Larry decides he wants his panda toy – the one constant in his life, as Bridgette puts it – and Bridgette can’t find it. So, the quest for the panda begins. This is really where the paths of each “part” start to diverge, as in every new reiteration, Bridgette sees something different that sparks her memory as to where she might have seen Larry playing with the panda last.

In the first iteration, she thinks the panda is at Ally’s house, so she runs to Ally’s house to look for the panda. She can’t find it, but Ally keeps asking Bridgette to do various tasks around the house for her, and then propositions her with a three-way between herself and Mr. Daddy. Bridgette doesn’t take her up on it.

After a failed trip searching for the panda at Ally’s, Bridgette returns to Larry to find Rafi and Tutu waiting for them, to beg Bridgette to bring Larry for a visit to celebrate father’s day/mothers-as-fathers day. Bridgette still refuses, and with Rafi in the middle of the street, he gets hit by a funeral hearse.

Then, we rewind back to the beginning with Bridgette’s refusal to let Larry see Rafi or Tutu, and her refusal to celebrate with them. Can’t find the panda, but this time, instead of Ally’s house, Bridgette thinks she remembers seeing it in Eliza’s room. Eliza is panicking because her father is coming to visit and he’s always very critical of her, so Eliza’s sister offers both Eliza and Bridgette a small dose of mushrooms. Except, it doesn’t just chill them out. It makes Eliza go basically bonkers, stripping down to her underwear in front of her dad. This time, Tutu comes to Eliza’s house to confront Bridgette, and Rafi stays in the car. When Bridgette still refuses to let Tutu see Larry, Tutu gets hit by the funeral hearse.

Rewind again. Refusal, again. Panda, again. This time, Nelson’s house. Rafi is there, and Nelson tries to help resolve their conflict with a little mediation. It almost works, but then Bridgette gets a call and has to go pick her drunk mother up from the cemetery, where Tutu and her sister are peeing on Bridgette’s grandparents’ graves. After a brief argument, Bridgette forgives her mother, only to be hit by a funeral hearse herself.

Finally, in the final iteration, Bridgette has already forgiven Rafi and Tutu for baptizing Larry, and they join Rafi and Tutu’s house for a dinner celebration, where it turns out, Joe has been sitting on the panda the whole time and not even realized it. Bridgette looks out the window and sees the funeral hearse go by, everyone safe inside the house, and no one getting hit.


Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
SMILF airs Sundays at 10PM on Showtime

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