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has fallen.  With Franklin being the forefather of crack in LA, he holds all the power and potential profit.  He assumes the shoes of a drug boss well – he curates the product; instructs his buds on where and when to sell; pays his buds; and collects the bag at the end of a work day.  He seems to be enjoying his role, too.  No doubt, he is made for this type of boss-dom.  But murder is a consequence.

Leon is killed by their enemy, a guy who avenges his own torture by them.  Neither sees this coming.  Franklin probably thought that if they let him go, then it would be water under the bridge.  But that guy was beaten with a bat and raped.  There’s no way he would forget that, and no way he wouldn’t try to get even.  That is Franklin’s fault.  As a boss, he should have had the foresight to know that in this game, no one, especially an enemy, is to be trusted.  And now, Leon is dead.


What bothers me about this is, and I’ve said it before, is that I didn’t cry. I didn’t get angry.  I wasn’t frustrated.  I felt nothing.  I felt completely outside of the story.  I was just watching a television show that featured a young guy dying in Franklin’s arms.  And that is a problem.  I wanted to feel something for Leon, but those feelings weren’t there.  And I doubt if I feel anything about his absence because the show’s “get me to give a f***” meter has expired.

It doesn’t matter how much money Franklin makes going forward.  It doesn’t matter how that money can positively affect his uncle and aunt.  Nothing matters because I just don’t care about the characters.

The only one that kind of gives me the feels is Lucia.  She yearns for Oso to be by her side.  He is proving that he is a ride or die partner in drugs and in bed.  As a boss lady, she has given him much more power than her cousin and uncle like.  The men swoop in and try to reign her in.  The misogyny is real, and Lucia doesn’t like it.  She’s able to boss around her cousin, but when it comes to Tio, no way.   He is still her elder, and respect is everything in this family.  I expect her to be romantically aloof with Oso in the upcoming episodes.


On to Teddy – he is one goofy man.  I was trying to figure out why Teddy keeps following the dead girl’s sister around.  And it was finally revealed tonight.  He wanted to provide a dead end to her search.  The sister gets the best lead about her “missing” sister from a cocktail waitress – she has the address of where she was last seen!  That place, unbeknownst to her but knownst to Teddy, is Alejandro’s pad (I think).  She attempts to climb the gate when no one seemed to answer the door.  A lady approaches and claims it’s her residence, and no one who looks like her sister has ever been to her house before.  Dejected, the sister leaves.  Teddy thanks the woman for her time and whispers, “nice touch with the robe”.  Ha.

I’m sure Teddy thinks the sister is done searching, but he should have the foresight to know that when a family member is looking for you, that search never stops.  He will get caught up one day.  It just didn’t happen in tonight’s episode.  And when he does, he may have to drop that poor woman’s body in the desert somewhere.  Ay.


Crack and cocaine are going head-to-head.  I already know who the winners and losers are in this game.  But let me just give you the result: the CIA is the winner.  Crack is bringing people to Franklin faster than he thought.  And cocaine is breaking the leadership in Lucia’s family a part.  Nothing about the drug game is glamourous.  If anything, it has way more cons than pros.  But I’m the one with hindsight.  Let’s see how long it takes Franklin and Lucia to see what lies ahead before it’s too late.


Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
Snowfall airs Tuesday at 10PM on FX

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  1. Leon isn’t dead. Are you sure you’re really watching the entire episode? because I was confused when i read this and then had to go back and make sure I was right becasue I knew he wasn’t dead. Just saying, check yourself before you write and put shit out there.

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