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gives us Teddy – a CIA agent who gets queasy after hearing a man yell for his life at a drug lord’s home.  What kind of CIA agent is he?  Solely a desk babysitter?  How does he not know that being in law enforcement guarantees seeing and being a part of some dirty things?  I don’t buy it.  This part of the story reminded me that I’m watching a story, and that sucks.  Everyone else  believable roles, but Teddy?  Nah.  He seems way too square, especially for his line of work…unless there’s something I am missing.

I think he pops a Xanax (complete speculation) to speak to the Israeli a second time.  The first time, he metaphorically shit his pants, and then lost that same shit.  The Israeli wasn’t having it, so he threw him out of the house.  This time, Teddy puts on his big boy pants and talks to him about how he can help push some cocaine.  The results of that discussion are still out.

Meanwhile, poor Lucia.  She, too, is helping Teddy push some cocaine.  What’s messed up is that her parents know it because, er, they’re drug dealers, too.  Her Daddy has the audacity to ask her if she likes her .  Huh?  She says she does.  We kids endure a lot of pressure to please our parents.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to discuss pushing drugs with them.

Lucia’s Dad: Hola, Mija!  How was your day?

Lucia: Pushed about 100 kilos of coke today.  Gustavo helped me do it.  We had a problem, but we took care of it.

Lucia’s Dad: What kind of a problem, Mija?

Lucia: You know, the usual.  Someone had to get dropped today.

Lucia’s Dad: Excelente.  You had a productive day, then.

Lucia: Yep.

The thing is – Lucia actually hates her .  You can see it in her eyes.  But how do you say this to your parents?  Clearly, she knows more about them than I do, so simply having a conversation will not work.


Franklin, on the other hand, has a mother who is not in that business.  She even discourages her son from visiting his uncle so much because she knows he sells weed. (Oh, if only she could understand how little THAT is compared to what Franklin is doing).

I got to see how much she trusts him, too.  She asks him what’s in his bookbag.  He replies that he has a book in there and some other stuff.  He left out the fact that he has bags of coke in there, for good reason.  She doesn’t attempt to rummage through it because guess what? He is a great kid.  When a person shows you they can be trusted, then you trust.

But one person who took it upon herself to see what was in the bag is his crush.  Two bags fly out, and she is perplexed.  “What is that?” she says.  Franklin shoos her away.

I understand his need for financial freedom.  But as I’ve mentioned before, his mistake is that he wants it urgently.  Time will show him that making money is never fast, no matter what industry you’re in.  He gets a beatdown that might wake him up.  All of his supply is stolen.

How will he explain that his supply was jacked?  The Israeli will not be happy about it, and neither will Claudia.  He is very skilled at getting himself into things.  Let’s see whether he can get himself out.

So many people are effected by the CIA’s crime – bringing illegal cocaine into the country.  The ones that they choose to make their crime disappear are Black and Brown folk.  Now, isn’t that something?  And don’t get upset that I am bringing up race because this entire show brings it up. It’s important.  The good guys are not the CIA.  And the bad guy is not Franklin.  All of these people contribute to an impending cultural, socioeconomic, and criminal disaster.  But it’s really disheartening to know that law enforcement did this to its own people.  I’m sure there’s a perfect saying that would fit right in here.  Insert –

“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli

The crack epidemic gave us a lot of stats.  And none were provided about the genesis.  Ain’t that some shit.

Moral of this post: This show is the bomb diggety.
TB-TV-Grade-BSeason 1, Episode 2 (S01E02)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 9PM on FX

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