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John Singleton, I deserve better than this.  The first few episodes of had me hooked.  But somewhere down the line, you decided to go with a familiar storyline.  This includes having the protagonist retract his word, sending me down a rabbit hole I already know.  It’s quite boring travelling down such a thing when the subject is new.  How can you even marry those two concepts?

Franklin, at the end of the episode, tells his pahtnahs that he wants to see what’s up with Avi aka “I want my old back”.  The trouble with this conclusion is that it’s based on nothing, or so it seems.  If I were to guess what Singleton wants me to think is the reason he decides to get back into dealing, I would say It’s because of his father (?).

Franklin bails out his dad from jail.   He was on a mission to find him, and he did.  His father shows up at a 4th of July family party, and he gets into a squabble with him.  That’s the last exchange we see of those two.  After, the cops show up, and you know the rest.  White cops blow things out of proportion.  White cops spot a young Black man.  White cops almost strangle him to death.  Now, the twist on this is that a Black cop shows up and stops the White cops.  Did NOT see that coming.  In the rearview of Franklin recovering his breath, he sees his father retreat into the darkness.  Is it this sight that makes him want to get dirty again?  Maybe.  But I am not convinced, and that is a problem (with the writing).


Another guess is that maybe Franklin feels financial pressure to take care of his mom.  But his mother hasn’t put that pressure on him, so that can’t be it.

We have a protagonist with no core.  I should care about him, but I frankly don’t.

Teddy and Alejandro end up in some deserted area of Nicaragua with a somewhat broken down plane.  Oh, and Alejandro is in a coma.  Teddy attempts to revive him with water, but the impervious weather conditions makes it hard for him to keep the faith.  Plus, his lips are chapped af.

As someone who puts chap-stick on as religiously as lotion, I found it so difficult to look at his lips. And for God’s sakes, did the DP have to use so many scenes to highlight how chappy they were. I get it!  They’re miserable.  They’re in dry heat.  They’re thirsty.  Gahdamn, give me some relief from seeing those nasty things two inches from my noggin.  Props to the makeup department. I hope they get a nom for that.

Anyway, although Alejandro looks like he’s on his way to the promised land, he decides to pop up and fly the airplane.  Like, for real, Singleton?  At :45, you allow this man to not only gain consciousness, but he has all his faculties to be able to perform a complicated task like taking off, flying, steering, and landing an aircraft (insert side eye meme).  GTFOH.  This is what lost me.


The only redeemable part of this episode is Lucia.  She is a badass.  She seems to exert so much power over machisimo men.  I am here for all of it.  BUT she has emoji heart eyes for Oso.  Who wouldn’t with a nickname like that?  (Oso = Bear)  I’m completely speculating here, but Lucia must be an Aries.  We like ridiculously masculine men, and Oso has it, Baby.  He decides to step his game up by saying that if he connects her with some important people, then he would like to become partner.  She snickers and says that he will get  his “fair share”.  I’m sure, boo.

is aight, but it’s on the road to being bad.  If Singleton and co. cannot come up with a more compelling storyline and characters, then I’m going to dread watching this series.  Please don’t waste my time, Singleton. Pleeeaaaassee.


Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 9PM on FX

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