SNOWFALL Review: “Story of a Scar”


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is finally giving me a few feels.  Congratulations, John Singleton!  I am actually caring about what happens to the characters.  It’s no “NO, don’t shoot Ricky!” type of feels, but it’s something.

Turns out that Leon is not dead.  Blood was gushing out of his body for the hell of it, I guess, and now, he’s propped up on a couch recovering from his injury.  Franklin decides to confront the man who stabbed him.

Franklin says that his neighbor, who is a cop, asked him who stabbed Leon because he wants to get the situation taken care of.  He threatens that he has the power to imprison the guy or keep him on the streets.  It is this scene that makes me hate Franklin.  Franklin is not concerned about financial freedom.  He is in love with power, and he will do anything to keep it.  And crack is his gateway to solidifying it.  This makes him the bad guy.


Franklin has been kind of trying to get at Melody (I think), and she finally gives him a peck on the lips in front of her school mates.  He is happy about this, but he doesn’t want to meet up with her for any lovin’.  He comes out of her bedroom with a backpack full of cocaine.  He hid it under her bed when Leon was writhing in pain from being stabbed.  He was hella shook thinking that the cops would find it.  Melody, rightly, tells him to get the fvck out.  Franklin, don’t treat your homieloverfriend like she’s expendable.  That is so not cool.  I would give him a pass because he is young, but it turns out this type of stupidity isn’t an ageist.

Oso is fvcking up pretty bad.  I thought he was a stand-up guy, but nuh-uh.  This man is conspiring with El Estomper to get back at Lucia and her family.  Her family tells her to cut Oso out of the business because well, he isn’t family.  She does, and she sends him on his way with a dowry of sorts.  Oso goes to El Estomper, his new partner, and tells him that he no longer has a connect.  El Estomper asks him what he knows about Lucia and her family.  I’m paraphrasing, but he says “everything”.  Is Oso really this much of a rotten banana?  I understand that he wanted to face El Estomper como un hombre, but to seek vengeance on your ex-bae, that’s taking it a little too far, bruh.

And…does he realize who Lucia is?  It seems like she’s not that much of a boss, but when I think about it, this woman is very layered.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she holds a razor blade under her tongue.  Cuidado, Oso!


As for Cissy, the good mother, I feel for her.  Her son comes off like he’s doing all the right things, but this young man is a drug dealer.  A drug LORD, actually.  She wigs out when she thinks he’s selling weed.  She goes over her brother and faux-sister-in-law’s house only to get stomped out by Louie.  A single mother might have some of the biggest worries in the world.  They will grow when she finds out he is a crack peddler.  It just might kill her.

On to Teddy and Alejandro.  These squares are trying to get rid of more cocaine by enlisting the Medellin cartel.  Did they not watch “Narcos”?  They’re nuts!  But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Teddy is the Maester of Desperation.  He acts like he is a good guy, but he isn’t.  He is Franklin as a grown-up and on the other side of things.  He finds out that ol’ girl knows that Alejandro was the last person with her “missing” (dead) sister.  The club’s photographer took many pictures that night, and lo and behold! There is our Rico Suave leading the sister through and out of the club.  As I said before, a sister looking for her missing sister will never rest.  Teddy stares blankly because Alejandro is her partner, duh.  She could use this information to get him and Teddy in trouble, and Teddy ain’t got no time for that.  Teddy is a criminal with a badge, and being an assumed accomplice to someone’s death is not how he sees his life.  Since he is the Maester of Desperation, I’m pretty sure he’s going to use his CIA gloves to strangle her to death.  WATCH.


So, “Snowfall” is good right now!  And I’m glad because it’s no fun watching a show with the elapsed time bar on.


Season 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 10PM on FX

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