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’s finale was a breath of fresh air.  Finally, I am able to sigh in content that the story about the crack epidemic will be told with integrity, honesty and heart.  The latter being the most important.

Let’s start with Franklin.  He was getting on my nerves for a second.  I couldn’t understand why this young man felt so compelled to sell drugs.  I kind of got why he wanted to do it, but again, I didn’t understand why he felt so compelled to do it.  Nothing about his home life pushed him to do so.  Not from my perspective anyway.  Until this episode.


Cissy is fired from her , and now she is worried about how she will keep a roof over her head.  Franklin hands her a wad of cash and assures her that she no longer has to worry about those things.  How Tony Montana of him.  Cissy scoffs and says that she doesn’t need his “weed” money.  If this were 2017, she may have taken it as recreational weed is finally legal.  But in the 80s, weed was demonized with the rest of the illegal drugs.  And boy, she has no idea what he is really selling.  Franklin’s compelling reason is his mother, so I get it now.  I am actually rooting for him to do well because I like her so much.

Like Lil’ Uzi, Franklin thinks he’s a bad bitch.  Except, Franklin actually is one.  This man orders a minion to cut Ray Ray’s throat.  This squares them for what Ray Ray did to Leon.  By the way, Leon is recovering, and I’m sure he will be up-and-running for Franklin soon.  It’ll only be a matter of time before Leon is dropping bodies for Franklin.  He has reached a point of no return.  He is a drug lord.  And that’s that.


Franklin’s boss move comes when he buys out the ice cream truck and allows the neighborhood kids to get whatever they want.  How Pablo Escobar of him.  Franklin is setting himself up to be loved by the community not knowing that what he is peddling will destroy that same community.  He doesn’t yet see the devastating effects of crack.  He thinks it’s a more potent version of coke.  And from what he has seen, coke never hurt nobody.  Boy is he in for a rude awakening.  Having this hindsight as a viewer allows me to only look at Franklin as a bad guy.  But he isn’t the only one.

With this same hindsight, it allows me to understand that he isn’t the root of the problem.  Men and women of color like him are later hunted as America’s cancer while ignoring the role of the government.


Enter Alejandro and Teddy.  Alejandro is slicing up ol’ girl in the bathroom eyes wide open.  Teddy enters in shock and threatens to kill him.  Alejandro tries to convince him that what he is doing is what needs to be done.  WTF???  Before this scene, I really wasn’t getting psychopath vibes from him, but watching his calm demeanor while ripping through the girl’s leg creeped me the heck out.  Teddy does what he thinks is necessary – blows his head off – and retreats into a full-on depression.

I assume it lasts one day because he gets a knock on the door from a colleague.  Teddy looks a mess.  It is assumed that the colleague knows what happened, but they don’t discuss it directly.  The colleague assures him that what he is doing for the government – peddling cocaine over the border – is appreciated even by the .  ?  That snaps Teddy out of his PTSD.  Ain’t that a witch?  If the leader of the free world OKs it, then it must be ok?  Meh, whatever one needs to not go crazy from participating in rabbit-hole destruction.  This solidifies Teddy as a bad guy.  He always was.  It’s just that the government is now sanctioning it.


And my favorite – Lucia!  The baddest bitch of them all.  Her dad dies, and she decides to do a red wedding drive-by on her own uncle at the repass.  Damn, chica Her mother tells her that her father was worried that her ambition would destroy the family. Well, she was right.  Esta chica is not one for sitting on the sidelines of the family business.  She enlists Oso and his new crew to come in guns-a-blazing.  She approaches her slain uncle as if she knows nothing about it.  I assume he is on his last breath, but before he crosses over to the other side, she wants him to go out thinking she was a victim in all this.  Besides, she is a silly little girl, right?

“Snowfall” gave a solid performance.  I am hooked now.  I need to see how evil Franklin, Teddy and Lucia get in this fight.  Crack v. Cocaine.  I know who wins, but they don’t.  FX, have you guys renewed it for a second season?  If you want my opinion, I give a resounding yes.
TB-TV-Grade-A-Season 1, Episode 10 (S01E10)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 10PM on FX

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