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is teaching me a few things.

One – children are shown no mercy.

Teddy travels to Nicaragua to take part in fighting the Sandinistas.  I’m not sure what the CIA’s role is there, but they’re trying to keep a low profile.  A camp of people are prepping weapons and coca plants.  They are not trying to be found, but they are infiltrated by a kid.  A kid that can’t be any more than 12 years old.  He befriends Teddy, and he reveals that he knows about the CIA.  Teddy discovers a transmitter in one of the trees and puts two-and-two together that it belongs to the kid.  The kid is working for the “enemy”.  Instead of viewing the kid as such, Alejandro’s wife puts a bullet in him.  I guess all is fair in love and war?

Another child that is getting the short end of the stick is Teddy’s son.  Alejandro’s wife asks Teddy whether he has a son.  Teddy, with no reluctance, answers “no”.  And then he recants saying, “What am I saying? I do have a son”.  Alejandro’s wife is disturbed.  Teddy says that travelling to countries like Nicaragua will do that to your brain.  Oh really?  Sounds to me like a deadbeat dad.  In last week’s episode, his wife and son came to visit him.  How could he have forgotten that memory so soon?

Two – Cocaine is not weed.


Weed makes you happy.  As Katt Williams says, weed just knocks a person out to the point where you think s/he might be dead, but they’re not dead.  Coke will knock you out, and you’ll be on your way to the next life immediately after.

Cocaine introduces us to harsher punishments.  Meaner characters.  More addicted addicts.  More deaths.  And yes, more money.  As Yoda Biggie put it, mo’ money, mo’ problems.

Maybe this realization finally hits Franklin by the end of the episode.  He decides to dip, and the Israeli says that he is surprised that he lasted that long.  Franklin seems to be a good kid.  He seems to want to do the right thing.  It’s just that he is so desperate to get money.  We will see how long his walk from the drug game is.  I have a feeling he will be back.

Three – Women are not just bosses in “Game of Thrones”.

Lucia is doing the darn thing.  She is taking care of distributing her share of cocaine under rather stressful circumstances.  Her brother is an addict.  (At least I think that’s her brother).  He starts tweaking, shooting possums in the backyard in broad daylight.  And he says that he doesn’t need to shower because he will just get dirty again.  Yea, he’s a cokehead.


Not only this, but Lucia kinda sorta has feelings for her employee, Gustavo. In any workplace, that has the potential to cause some trouble.

Four – The Mojave Desert is not somewhere I would like to drive at night.

Apparently, bodies are buried there…in the fictional land of “Snowfall”.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are actual bodies in the real life Mojave Desert.  In “Snowfall”, that’s the burial place of choice for ol’ dude who sodomized a thief.  He gives a good fight right before, but Franklin and his bud had a bullet with his name on it.

“Snowfall” started off strong, but the storyline is fading for me.  I also don’t actually feel anything for any of the characters, which is making it a little difficult to watch.  Come on, John Singleton! Give me something compelling for next week.

TB-TV-Grade-A-Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
Snowfall airs Wednesday at 9PM on FX

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