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The latest episode of is all about the rich culture of Zephyria. After Zorn watches a clip from the new hit sitcom, “I’ll Have What He’s Stabbing” in which a Zephyrian character goes berzerk in a restaurant, he decides to teach Alan more about his Zephyrian heritage. However, Alan is distracted as he is busy chasing a girl at school who seems to be into him as well. Zorn tries kidnapping Alan to bring him to a Zephyrian restaurant, forcing him to wear a Zephyrian warrior’s belt, and even bringing Zephyria to him by decorating his apartment and putting on a performance for Alan and his crush Layla (Clara Mamet). Alan fights him the whole way until Layla makes him realize that even though it’s weird, it’s cool that Zorn is making such an effort. Meanwhile, Edie goes to battle with her new neighbors over an extremely annoying talking lawn gnome they refuse to take down. She struggles with choosing between taking a more barbaric Zephyrian approach or trying to be civilized.


This episode was a little more scattered than usual. The show did have defined plotlines, albeit probably a few too many, and did resolve everything, but some things just felt unnecessary. For example, the belt Zorn makes Alan wear provides a few good jokes but not enough of a plotline to keep it going. He basically put it on in the beginning and everyone forgets about it except for a couple moments and at the very end. It doesn’t really serve any purpose and just seemed to needlessly complicate things. Alan’s entire subplot feels a little unorganized as well. We have already seen him chase a crush from school in “Defender of Teen Love” so it would seem pointless to see him do it again unless there was some kind of twist laid on top. But there is no twist. It’s a predictable plot that doesn’t seem to go anywhere and simply complicates the A and B storylines.

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That being said, this episode was far from bad. It might not have been right on par with last week’s episode, but it was no more than a stroke behind. The jokes were still stupid and funny. My favorite example is a scene in which Zorn blows up at Todd for assuming he is strong enough to open a jar just because he is Zephyrian, but then turns around and asks a fellow Asian employee to open the jar with her karate. The episode is also capped off with an amazing dance number by Johnny Pemberton:


Despite my grievances, it was still a fantastic episode full of everything I’ve come to expect from the show. However, even though I love it and appreciate the consistent quality of what I’ve seen so far, it wouldn’t hurt to turn things up a notch. While this episode’s slight disorganization wasn’t unforgivable, it might be indicative that the show has no immediate plans to try and improve or iron out the kinks. This could make it difficult to attract new viewers who aren’t as into the weirdness as the current fanbase and as everyone knows, growing viewers is everything to a new show looking to stay afloat. All that being said, the show is still only 5 episodes in with plenty of room to grow. I would encourage everyone to try it out and see if it floats their boat.


Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
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