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Tonight’s finale was a perfect example of everything has come to be. The episode was peppered with hilarious jokes, silly but consistent performances from the entire cast, and a solid foundation for a finale in that it wrapped up everything we were left to wonder about after last week while still setting enough new conflicts in motion for us to come back for next season. My only criticism, albeit not a new one, is that there were some sloppy transitions in the story structure.

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When we last left off, Alan was at a low point. After blowing his shot at football, he had not only lost any and all newfound popularity, but he had lost Layla. Now that she had seen how easily popularity had gone to his head, she wants nothing to do with him. Alan tries to apologize and asks her to prom, but she isn’t having any of it. After seeing how down he is, Zorn and Craig team up to fix things. They decide the best way to get Layla interested in Alan again is by making Alan prom king. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as killing all the other males in the school. So Zorn and Craig try to convince/blackmail the prom committee head into making Alan the prom king. At work, Zorn and Linda see an opportunity to regain control of Sanitation Solutions when Todd goes off to a training seminar with the company CEO. Todd puts Linda in charge during his absence and with Zorn’s help, plan to turn in above average sales to show that Linda is still better than Todd. At first, Zorn isn’t sure he will be able to help, until he realizes there is an untapped sanitation products market in Zephyria.

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For once, Zorn is being very helpful to everyone. But things predictably backfire when Sanitation Solutions receives payment in goats and Alan decides the best way to win Layla back is to prove how little he cares about popularity by trying to humiliate himself as much as possible. Things come around but the episode doesn’t let us off the hook that easy. By the end, we discover that Alan is pregnant and Zorn gets kidnapped by Vulchazor, setting up a lot of work to be done next season. Last night’s episode had all the necessary parts but at times felt sloppy. The ending especially felt rushed. They did mention that Zephyria was being attacked by Vulchazor throughout the episode, but it seemed more like it was added in after the fact. Zorn’s kidnapping and Alan’s pregnancy happen so quickly that I couldn’t help but feel like the writers panicked a bit and quickly threw in stuff to set up next season. Granted, it still got the done, but it was far from a smooth transition.

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The jokes were still fantastic, proving the show can consistently perform high level material across an entire season. However, the sporadic programming of the season makes me worry they may have lost some fans along the way. With no word on a second season being picked up by the network yet, I hope they give the show another chance along with a more consistent programming schedule. If this is indeed the final bow for Son of Zorn, I want to say it was one of the best new comedies I’ve seen in a while. Regardless of whether a second season is in the works, I highly recommend you go back and watch every episode and take in every moment of the wonderful world of Zorn.


Season 1, Episode 13 (S01E13)
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