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Maybe it’s the four week hiatus, but tonight’s blew me away. Every character spit hot jokes from the first frame to the last and never slowed down. I think it is safe to say Son of Zorn has officially found its rhythm.


After Zorn receives an invitation to the Craig and Edie’s engagement party without an “plus one” option, he becomes incredibly insulted. When confronted, Edie tells him it’s because he doesn’t have a girlfriend or anyone to bring. Determined to prove her wrong, Zorn sets out to get a girlfriend that night. He hits the club and fails miserably. So he resorts to Plan B and gets back together with his ex, Radiana (Olivia Munn). Like a character from Man Seeking Woman, Radiana is poisonous figuratively and literally, as she is completely radioactive. She’s hot and they have great sex, but it’s obvious she is completely out of control. She quickly becomes jealous, clingy, and generally insane. On top of all that, Radiana’s massive radioactive output is literally killing Zorn. Alan finally brings him to his senses after he almost dies in the bathroom stall at the engagement party.

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While Zorn deals with Radiana, Edie and Craig debate whether or not they should let Alan to play his glass harps at the party in front of everyone. Edie and Craig want to be encouraging, but the truth is that Alan sucks. After struggling to find a way to tell him no and still spare his feelings, Edie hides his glasses in the coat closet. Unfortunately for her, Alan’s plus one, Layla, finds them and returns them. Before he can play though, Zorn breaks up with Radiana in the bathroom, causing her to meltdown and spew radioactive tears all over the bathroom. Just when Zorn is on the brink of death, Craig rushes in and puts his therapist skills to work, helping Radiana achieve a breakthrough. Radiana leaves and Zorn and the rest of the party are saved. After the averted disaster, Edie lets Alan play his glass harps after Layla unintentionally persuades her during their conversation. Edie realizes she should just be supportive and not get in the way. Zorn learns a similar lesson, confessing he is genuinely happy for Craig and Edie and that their love give him hope there’s someone out there for him as well.

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This episode was perfect. Every actor nailed their respective performances and embodied their characters perfectly. Alan and Craig are locked in and played flawlessly. Although I started the season being confused by Edie and Cheryl’s performance, I can safely say my concerns have been put to rest. In fact, Edie is now one of my favorite characters. Her surface typical suburban mom personality along with her wild past produces a sitcom mom with spice, who seems to deliver more and more savage insults each episode. The complete transparency and awareness of this episode was an interesting choice that worked. Radiana’s literal poisonous nature provided plenty of stupid wordplay and made it clear this episode wasn’t going to be subtle, it was going to be stupid and funny. Even Zorn was a little more self-aware this week, realizing how poisonous his relationship was way before he normally would have. It was refreshing, but definitely something the writers need to be careful using, as his careless ignorance is a key component of his comedic personality and to change that in the short run could lead to larger problems down the road.

However, that seems unlikely. Based on what I saw tonight, Son of Zorn is finding its traction. With better defined characters and a definitive tone, the show is firmly on the road and ready to hit the gas.

A+ Grade

Season 1, Episode 10 (S01E10)
Son of Zorn airs Sunday at 830PM on Fox

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