SON OF ZORN Review: “The Battle of Self-Acceptance”


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Tonight’s episode of wasn’t quite as impressive as the previous installment, but that’s not much of a criticism. “The Battle of Self-Acceptance still delivered with clever punchlines and typically great performances. This had some rocky plot twists and turns that didn’t feel as smooth as previous episodes, but that was most likely due to the unusual episode structure the writers used to lead up to tonight’s cliffhanger. All in all, I still laughed out loud at a number of great lines and can easily say Son of Zorn remains a straight A student in my book.


The main story of tonight’s episode revolves around Craig and his quest to become more of a man’s man. When Edie calls Zorn over to investigate a strange sound because Craig is terrified, Craig starts to feel like he’s not man enough for Edie. To compensate for his perceived weakness, Craig enlists the help of Zorn to teach him how to be more masculine. Zorn deals with some change in his life as well when Linda gets demoted. The CEO of the company drops by the office for a review and when Linda rubs him the wrong way, Todd swoops in (unintentionally) and replaces her, sending Linda back out to the cubicles. Now that she is no longer his superior, Zorn finally sees that she is, in fact, a woman, changing their entire relationship.

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Alan finds himself at an identity-related fork in the road himself when Layla invites him over to her aunt’s beach house while she watches her aunt’s plants. Nervous that Layla will be disgusted with his Zephyrian legs, Alan tries some medication from Zorn’s doctor, Dr. Klorpins, that is guaranteed to turn his Zephyrian legs into human legs. It works perfectly, until it begins to wear off at the end of the day, causing Alan to run off like a maniac. After Dr. Klorpins says more medication is going to cost $500, Alan must decide to either come up with the money, or risk telling Layla the truth and losing her. To make matters worse, Alan begins to suffer withdrawal symptoms, causing other parts of his body to temporarily turn Zephyrian.

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My only real criticism of this episode, was that the A plot was a little too crowded. It started off with Craig trying to learn how to be a better man from Zorn, which is a perfectly good conflict. However, it was solved too quickly (at least for Zorn), meaning Zorn had to find something else to do. So, Zorn engaged in a new story: finding out Linda is a woman. That storyline is perfectly fine as well, but putting them both together in 22 minutes didn’t do either justice. I didn’t see any need to rush along the Craig/Zorn plot. I know the writers couldn’t resolve it completely in order keep the cliffhanger at the end, but that was still possible without having to insert a brand new plot in between. Instead of a solid A plot to build a foundation on, the storyline switched gears halfway through, giving the episode a more scattered and unstructured feel. But as I said, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. The slightly wobbly foundation means less premise driven comedy in this episode, but the fantastic lines still flow like wine and even though the journey to the cliffhanger wasn’t perfect, it got the done, setting up an exciting final two episodes.


Season 1, Episode 11 (S01E11)
Son of Zorn airs Sunday at 830PM on Fox

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