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takes on Thanksgiving this week when Zorn shows up to Edie’s dinner uninvited and goes head to head with her mother Roberta (Jenny O’Hara). During their annual community “Turkey Run,” Edie explains to Zorn that he can’t come over for Thanksgiving. Edie’s mother Roberta is coming over for the first time since Edie and Zorn were married. Roberta believes Zorn ruined Edie’s life after they met and despises him. Edie wants to show her mother that after making so many mistakes, she has finally turned her life around. So on Thanksgiving, Zorn hides out at work. Fortunately for him, he’s not alone. Linda is also there, hiding out from the holiday because she grew up with a pet turkey. While they talk, Zorn decides he should just crash Edie’s dinner to prove how much he’s changed. He shows up and Craig convinces Edie to let him join them in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Zorn does his best to behave but Roberta successfully pushes his buttons with backhanded insults. Zorn explodes and Roberta holes up in Alan’s room.Zorn brings her some snorkleberry pie to make amends. She refuses his apology but takes the pie. Unfortunately, Zorn realizes it was made with the wrong type of berries after it kills her.

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Zorn enlists the help of Craig and Alan to bring her back to life with a potion and a little tongue action from Craig. It works, but Edie finds out and tells Zorn to leave. Afterwards, Roberta agrees to pay for music school for Alan (which he had been hinting at all night) on the condition that he never see Zorn again. Edie hears this and after talking with her mom, realizes she was instigating things with Zorn and would never approve of her, especially if Zorn was in the picture. Edie tells her to leave and they all go over to Zorn’s apartment to continue the celebration. Edie apologizes and says her mother was the problem, not him.


I give this episode all of the praises I gave the last. It had great lines, more jokes per minute, and fantastic performances from everyone involved. Tim Meadows killed it again, fully embodying Craig’s awkward personality. In fact, I realized the characters were the key to why I enjoyed this episode so much. As I watched, I found myself laughing at some of the simplest jokes that I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about before. For example, Craig tries to teach Zorn how to brush off Roberta’s insults. They do a little roleplay and Craig insults Zorn as Roberta, causing him to immediately threaten to slit his throat. That joke isn’t particularly original or that clever, but it had me cracking up. Part of it was the fantastic animation, but it was largely because that’s the kind of crap you expect from Zorn.


I realized that the character development had finally paid off. I was ready for Zorn to do something stupid and when it happened, the buildup made it exponentially more enjoyable. Thanks to the excellent writing and consistent performances, I feel like I know each character. I know Zorn’s overinflated ego will always get in the way of him trying to be a better father. I know Craig will always be into some weird hobby and get insulted and bullied for it yet brush it all off like nothing. Now that I know how ridiculous and funny these characters are, I’ve been primed to not only be ready to laugh, but to enjoy every joke even more than I would had I been watching the show for the first time. Every week the show seems to plunge its roots deeper into the audience, improving all the while. Despite the strange premise, this show has established strong fundamentals with great characters, writing, performances, and structure. I can easily see it not only getting renewed, but becoming a major comedic hit for Fox.


Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
Son of Zorn airs Sunday at 830PM on Fox

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