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Tonight’s episode of  didn’t stand out from the pack like some the season’s episodes have, but it still maintained a steady stream of wisecracks and great performances. I felt as though the cliffhanger drama could have been drawn out a little bit as well. Coming off of the last episode, we were left in suspense with Craig’s disappearance. While too much unnecessary suspense can get old quickly, this episode could have held out a little longer as it just missed the sweet spot.

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As the title implies, tonight’s episode was all about finding Craig. Things picked up right where they left off last time. Edie enlists the help of post-coital Zorn and Linda to hit the road in search of Craig. Zorn uses his amazing sense of smell to trace down Craig’s scent from an old piece of clothing. Throughout the whole trip, Zorn and Edie reminisce about old times and continue talking about their good times, leaving Linda to fee like a third wheel. Things come to a head when Linda asks Edie if she still has feelings for Zorn and Edie pauses. Meanwhile, Craig is hiding out at his brother, Robert’s (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) place, where he is convinced to invest in yet another of his failing businesses. As Robert goes to cash the check, Craig talks to Robert’s wife and another of Craig’s lost loves Diane (Tymberlee Hill). She makes him realize this is his modus operandi. He ends up sabotaging things for himself to make others happy. Craig has an epiphany and heads off to get back Edie.

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Meanwhile, Alan is back at school ready to unleash his Zephyrian legs on his classmates. Layla is pushing him to wear shorts and be comfortable in his own cartoon skin. Alan makes the leap and to his surprise, his peers love it. His popularity skyrockets when people realize how powerful his legs are. After he kicks a dumpster onto the football coach’s car, he joins the football team as a kicker and becomes one of the coolest kids on campus. It’s not all perfect though. There is a predictable cost to this newfound popularity and athleticism. Layla begins to feel like the fame has gotten to Alan’s head and isn’t sure if he’s the same guy she liked before.

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“The Quest For Craig” isn’t perfect. I was expecting a better resolution to the cliffhanger from last week. Last week’s drama was a good attempt at an overarching storyline and I couldn’t help but feel like it was given up too easily. I was expecting more of a battle. Something that would address Edie’s lingering wildness and her remaining affection for Zorn. The latter was a part of the story tonight but it wasn’t very thorough. Craig’s feelings of insecurity and selflessness that borders on self-destructive was similarly addressed, still felt woefully incomplete. I definitely would have liked to see these character conflicts explored a little further, even if it took more episodes to do it. Alan’s storyline was a little better, but still had some loose ends to tie up (i.e. Layla). However, I don’t watch Son of Zorn for intricate, complicated storylines. I come for silly premises and even sillier jokes. And as always, tonight’s episode delivers in that regard. So while the series should still work on these story holes, I want to stress that it still delivers where it matters most: making you laugh.


Season 1, Episode 12 (S01E12)
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