Sony Options Drew Daywalt’s Award-Winning Children’s Book “The Day the Crayons Quit” (Exclusive)


Sony The Day the Crayons QuitPenguin Young Readers Group

Sony Pictures has optioned the movie rights to ’s bestselling children’s picture book , the Tracking Board has exclusively learned.

Illustrated by , the book follows a box of crayons whose inhabitants go on strike after growing sick and tired of how they’re being used, as their roles are limited by their hues.

For instance, the White crayon is dealing with an existential crisis because he doesn’t show up on white paper, while the Black crayon longs to color a rainbow and the Beige crayon is tired of playing second fiddle to the Brown crayon. Elsewhere, the Pink and Blue crayons need a break from coloring princess dresses and bodies of water, respectively, while the Orange and Yellow crayons are fighting because each believes they are the true color of the sun.

The Day the Crayons Quit was previously in development at Universal with Madhouse Entertainment producing and Matt Lopez writing the script as of July 2014. Sources tell the Tracking Board that Universal’s option recently lapsed and Sony picked up the project without any attachments. The studio will now look for an edgy comedy writer to adapt the book.

, Sony’s new VP of creative development, brought the project in, and it’s her first big “get” since she joined the studio earlier this year. Sony wound up optioning the rights directly from Daywalt, who is represented by Dana Spector at .

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