Sony TV, Original Film Acquire Rights to Adam Sternbergh Novel “The Blinds”


TheBlindsBannerHarper Collins

and acquired the rights to develop Adam Sternbergh’s THE BLINDS as a TV series.The project will be developed under ’s overall deal with Sony TV.

The series will be set in the arid plains of West Texas in a town called the Blinds, where criminals live in cinderblock bungalows surrounded by a 14-foot fence. The inmates are given food, booze, and books but denied any communication to the outside world, including visitors.

All residents of the Blinds have been a part of an experiment, where their criminal memories have been erased for rehabilitation. They know they’re bad, but have no idea what crime they have committed. The inmates are allowed to leave, but are too afraid of what awaits them outside.

The western thriller novel by Adam Sternbergh was published by HarperCollins on August 1.

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