Spencer Treat Clark & Charlayne Woodard to Reprise “Unbreakable” Roles in “Glass”



M. Night Shyamalan continues to add original cast members to his sequel of the 2000 hit, Unbreakable in his upcoming film, . and are the latest additions to the film.

Glass is a sequel to both Unbreakable starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson and Split, Shyamalan’s surprise hit that released earlier this year starring James McAvoy.

Willis is reprising his role of security guard David Dunn, who is imbued with superpowers. McAvoy is returning as Kevin Wendell Crumb, a man with split personalities, one of them being the creature known as The Beast.

Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb in a series of escalating encounters. while Mr. Glass (Jackson) steps into the light as the puppet master who holds critical information for both men.

Clark is back as Willis’ son, while Woodard is returning to play Jackson’s mother.

Anya Taylor- Joy is also returning as Casey Cooke, the only survivor of the horrifying encounter with The Beast. While Sarah Paulson is on the call sheet, her role has yet to be disclosed.

Someone who I would love to see back is one of my favorite actresses Robin Wright, who played Willis’ wife in Unbreakable. She was seen in the summer blockbuster hit Wonder Woman, and as the cool politician Claire Underwood in House of Cards. Wright or M. Night has yet to comment on why she has yet to sign on for the sequel.

M. Night is writing and directing with Jason Blum producing. Marc Bienstock and Ashwin Rajan are also producinng, while Steven Schneider executive produces.

Clark, who was 13 when Unbreakable was released, can be seen playing villain Werner von Strucker on ABC’s Agent’s of Shield. He is represented by and .

Woodard has appeared on recent episodes of The Blacklist, The Leftovers, and People of Earth, She is repped by .

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