Spider-Man Casting Narrows Down To Final Two Actors



Over the past few months, details have surfaced regarding the new Spider-Man. First, Marvel and Sony are teaming up to bring the next rendition of the character to the screen. Next, he will be portrayed by a high school aged actor, and it has been confirmed to be Peter Parker. His first appearance will be in Captain America: Civil War in 2016, before having a solo film and appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. Last week, five up and coming actors were in the final spots to get the role. Now, we are down to two. , top, and are the final two contenders. Daredevil series creator Drew Goddard will direct the new actor for his solo outing. The film is currently being dubbed Spider-Man: The New Avenger.

Butterfield is known for his role in the Martin Scorsese film Hugo, and has starred in Ender’s Game and The Boy With The Striped Pajamas.

Holland is known for his role in the 2012 thriller The Impossible, and acted in a voice role as Tom Hardy’s son in the thriller Locke.

Butterfield is repped by .

Holland is repped by .

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