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I might be the only one who feels this way about this week’s , but it was wholly inappropriate. As a Middle Eastern I’m not going to even pretend to understand the Black struggle, because that would also be wholly inappropriate. But killing a side character and throwing all plot lines out the window is not how you talk about social justice. It doesn’t convey anything that you want it to. If they wanted to convey something, they should’ve killed Cotton or Miss Carlotta or Alex’s boyfriend or the priest (Miss Carlotta’s boyfriend.) But after thinking about it for a couple seconds, that wouldn’t have worked either. Honestly the concept of this episode is flawed. I keep saying this because it keeps needing to be repeated: Star is supposed to be about a girl group struggling to break into the Atlanta music scene. But instead, it’s been about everything else. Empire (which Star often gets compared to) works because Lucious is a music mogul who only cares about the numbers behind Empire Xstream. This girl group hasn’t even picked a goddamn name for themselves yet.

There’s no reason to watch this episode unless you like punishing yourself and trying to rationalize things that shouldn’t be rationalized. This whole episode said nothing about some very important stuff and that’s dangerous. Black Lives Matter and the continued killing of unarmed, innocent Black people by police are both very serious, important issues in our society. The controversy around BLM is real (and ridiculous) and it’s so touchy right now with Trump as our president that to degrade the whole thing by having Alex and Simone shake their ass in front of a crowd of people while singing a Marvin Gaye song… it’s just beyond dumb. I’ve seen other reviews say that Star didn’t do as bad as they thought they thought they would in handling BLM, but if you ask me, they did much worse. At no point should this have been an episode of the show.

We can’t even pretend that is the “serious” episode of Star like they used to do in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It can’t be a serious episode when Jahil confronts Eva about speaking perfect English and then orders this freed sex slave to have sex with him. Not only that, but Eva “machiavellis” Star by telling her stupid, aggressive quarterback boyfriend Hunter to take her out on the town. And we need to talk about Hunter. This show is so up Star’s ignorant ass that it has completely neglected everything that is the marriage between pop culture and sports. What I’m getting at is if TMZ gives a damn about Matt Ryan (the milk toast QB for the Atlanta Falcons), then they will FOR SURE care about pretty boy Hunter’s new girlfriend Star. And yet this hasn’t played a single role on the show. Not only that but after Jahil does some digging, one of the big reveals of the episode is that Hunter has been “taking PEDs for years.” EXCUSE ME?! What world are we living in?! The NFL is notorious for not only drug testing but SUSPENDING their stars. If Hunter isn’t successful enough to get hounded by TMZ, he’s then definitely miniscule enough to get suspended by the league. It’s just insane how poorly this show treats the intelligence of its audience.

Anyways, Eva successfully diagnoses Hunter for an aggressive boyfriend and he successfully forces Star away from performing at the BLM rally. So when Star doesn’t show up, she gets replaced by Eva. This isn’t a consequence though. Does anybody remember the singer at a BLM rally? Are there singers at a BLM rally? There definitely isn’t ass shaking and “woos” so why the hell does Star feature all of it? If the “plot” hadn’t already broken down, then it sure does by now. The rest of the episode is such a lack of thought that it’s hard for me to summarize. Let’s see if I can justly project my feelings on the piece.

So I guess there’s a thing within the Black community that older Black people are afraid of younger Black people going to rallies. My experience with the Muslim Ban has been completely different. People of all races and ages have come out in support of Muslims, immigration and impeaching Trump. It’s been quite the sight to see. But let’s forget about reality and assume that this is true that Black people like Miss Carlotta are afraid of BLM. But her whole being as a walking contradiction does nothing but make me hate her. Is this how I’m supposed to feel? Explain to me why Miss Carlotta, so quick to mention God with her Priest-man is also so quick to have pre-marital sex with him? What part of the Bible says “thou shalt sex thy priest?” It’s even played like a big deal. She really is the worst character, her or Tyreese the Priest.

At the BLM rally a bunch of people start beating a cop with bats and at this point I wanted to turn off the . You think this is a common thread in BLM? Has this EVER happened in a BLM rally? So why the hell is Star acting like it is? To appease people who have negative thoughts. So that when Alex’s boyfriend runs up and LITERALLY yells, “Stop! This isn’t what BLM is about!” We’re supposed to go, “Oh that’s good.” Again, it’s irresponsible. The bad on this show isn’t doing any favors for their bad ideas. But don’t worry, it gets worse.

Because literally from the dirt grave, a construction worker finds the body of Otis. The worst plotline in the history of maybe any show has resurfaced AGAIN. Otis is somehow making rape look even worse than it already is. What’s the takeaway here? How does Otis help further this show? Who the hell is pitching “let’s bring Otis back,” and who the hell is applauding that idea? Star will never be a good show because Star cares about everything except plot and character . Nothing goes further in Star, there are no real obstacles to pass and there are no characters we can care about. , there are no real obstacles to pass and there are no characters we can care about. If Star dies tomorrow, I will not a feel a thing.

So what are we left with? Star is angry they did the song without her, Eva and Jahil go off to have more slave sex, Miss Carlotta continues sleeping with an unmarried Priest, Alex is arrested, her boyfriend is in jail and Simone is somehow not relapsing. But she will soon once she realizes that Otis is back. We all will be.


Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
Star airs Wednesday at 9PM on Fox

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