Studio 8 Picks Up “Imitation Game” Writer Graham Moore’s Directorial Debut


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continues to be a major player in the production field following last week’s news that the studio is developing Hypnotic with Robert Rodriguez and writer Godzilla writer Max Borenstein. The company is now coming on board the directorial debut by The Imitation Game‘s Oscar-winning scribe , picking up his sci-fi thriller .

Moore developed the script with Scoop Wasserstein of Scoop Productions, who will also produce the film.

Set in a future where a person’s memories can be extracted and inserted into another person, the story takes place over the course of one night, as it deals  with a female illegal memory dealer accused of murdering someone she doesn’t think she knows.

If that sounds somewhat familiar, that might be due to the amount of science fiction projects being produced and streamed by Netflix, many of which take place in the near future while dealing with some sort of high-falootin’ tech that messes with people. So yeah, it doesn’t sound that original but hopefully Moore can take it into new places, especially having a female protagonist. It’s a little strange that so many studios are still backing science fiction after this weekend’s double whammy of Annihilation (well-received but bombed at box office) and Mute (poorly-received but streaming so it avoided the costs involved there).

Even so, has fast-tracked Disguise with hopes to begin filming this year with Guy Danella and Greg Self overseeing, as the search for the right female lead begins.

Studio has its first two releases, Matthew McConaughey’s White Boy Rick and Albert Hughes’ Alpha, set for release in Aug. and Sept. resepectively.

Two years ago, The Imitation Game, written by the -repped novelist Moore, was nominated for eight Oscars, but only Moore was able to convert his nomination into an actual Oscar win for his adapted screenplay. Since then, Moore has two scripts currently in some stage of The Last Days of Night, based on his own novel and to which Eddie Redmayne is attached, and  a project called F*ckin’ Engaged.

Wasserstein is repped by .

This news was initially reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


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