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The firm’s loss of business leaves Louis and Jessica looking for new tenants, however, Louis doesn’t want to give up his precious bull pen on this week’s episode of .  Jessica puts her foot down and demands that Louis find a new tenant or the rent money will be coming out of his salary.

At Danbury prison, Mike and Kevin strategize their survival plan as Frank now has Kevin on his hit list as well. Mike is called in to to see his favorite prison counselor, Julius. Julius threatens Mike to make a claim against Frank for his attempted attack on Mike or he’ll have him removed from his kitchen . Mike tires to explain that reporting Frank will only gain him more enemies in prison.

Meanwhile, Rachel deals with ridicule by her peers for Mike’s incarceration in her professional ethics course.

Harvey meets with a new prospective client, William Stutter. Harvey turns him down because he’s a crooked investment banker.

Louis hastily rents out the firm’s offices to a trading company which turns out to be a company of annoying “Bro’s”.


Jessica comes down on Harvey for not taking on Sutter. But Harvey insists that he can find a better client. Which leaves Harvey no choice but to call on one of his least favorite people, Nathan Burns.

Mike goes back to Julius demanding that Frank be removed after Kevin is attacked while Mike was on kitchen duty. Julius says he doesn’t have the power to do it and tells Mike he’s close to losing his kitchen for not cooperating.

Harvey makes a deal with Nathan to take him on as a client as long as Harvey can show up to dinner, on time.

Louis and his new tenant continue to clash over Louis’ ridiculous lease terms.

Rachel is propositioned by her professor to help him with a case that will keep her from being subjected to her classmate’s character bashing. Rachel gets advice from Jessica who tells her to make her classmate fear her. Rachel gets some dirt on her classmate and gets her to forfeit their competition.

Harvey returns to the office and gets some bad news from Sean Cahill. Cahill says, Frank can’t be removed from the prison because he is a protected government informant. Harvey rushes to Danbury to tell Mike and tells Donna to let Nathan know he won’t be on time for dinner.


Louis gives his new tenants an eviction notice.

Nathan’s refusal to do business with has Harvey questioning if Sutter is involved. So Harvey makes a side deal with the new tenant to get some insider info and in return the trading company doesn’t have to vacate the Pearson, Specter, Litt offices.

Armed with new information, Mike tells Frank he’s up for parole and if he doesn’t take it he’ll tell everyone that he’s a an informant. Mike and Kevin receive some more help when Julius pulls some strings to get Kevin a in the kitchen as well


Harvey closes Nathan as a new client and makes a new enemy in William Sutter who tired to stop Harvey from acquiring Nathan’s business.

Then the most bittersweet news of all comes from Sean Cahill when he tells Harvey he’s figured a out a way to get mike out of prison, he has to sell out his new friend and cellmate, Kevin

This episode has everyone looking for a solution. Mike is trying to find a solution to fend off Frank, Harvey is trying to close new business, Louis is trying to find a new tenants, and Rachel is trying to navigate her Professional Ethics course. Everyone works alone in the beginning as they always do but realize once they put their heads together they always come up with a solution.

Harvey continues to play super attorney/friend to Mike has he is torn between finding new business and ensuring Mike’s safety in prison. Mike is also trying to protect Kevin. Both Harvey and Mike are both very dedicated and loyal to their friends. So it will be interesting to see what happens next when Mike is given the choice between freedom and selling out someone who saved his life.

Season 6, Episode 3 (S06E03)
Suits airs Wednesdays at 9PM on USA


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