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The shot clock is counting down and everyone is running out of time in this episode of . Harvey is trying to buy time with Sutter’s case so he can give Mike time to get intel on Kevin, Rachel and Jessica are trying to get more time to find Leonard Bailey’s only known alibi, and Louis is running out of time to find a great second date spot for his new love interest, Tara.

Last episode we found out that Cahill’s beef with Sutter was personal and he would stop at nothing to take him down even it meant colluding with Harvey. So he took Harvey up on his offer and got access to Sutter’s infamous trading program to get the Judge to bring the case to trial.  Meanwhile, Harvey has to keep up appearances and interview all of Sutter’s employees to find the mole that doesn’t exist. He goes too far and Sutter reprimands him.

Back at Danbury, Mike is still not snitching on Kevin. Not because he believes that “snitches get stitches” but because he made a promise to Kevin. But that doesn’t stop him from having Donna impersonate someone at the prison to get Kevin’s wife, Jill, to meet with him. She doesn’t take Mike’s bait and instead tells Kevin everything. Now, instead of gaining Kevin’s trust Mike has lost all of it. Kevin’s isn’t Mike’s only problem, like that pimple that won’t go away, Frank Gallo pops up to inquire why Harvey keeps coming to visit. Also, Gallo says that if he doesn’t get out soon, he’ll tell Kevin the real reason Mike wants ‘help’ Kevin so bad, so he can inform on Kevin and get out before his two year sentence is up and get back to his beloved Rachel.


Speaking of Rachel, she’s trying her best to be a good independent lawyer and get Bailey the justice he deserves. But when the judge only grants her and Jessica a week to find Bailey’s missing alibi, she has to ask her dad, Robert Zane, for help. She even has to deal with the being berated by the victim’s father in Bailey’s case.

And while everyone else is dealing with death row, insider trading, and prison time, Louis is preparing for his highly anticipated second date with Tara. He first tries to sweet talk Donna and Gretchen into giving him dating advice but gets shut down by Donna. But when he goes to Donna for a Mike related favor she does what she’s does best, and gets Stu to not only help Louis, but also gets Stu to make amends and apologize. How you ask, because she’s “Donna and she’s awesome”. We find out that Donna gave Louis the cold shoulder initially because she just went through a break up. A break up no one knew about because why would we ever know anything about Donna’s personal life?


So what happens in the end? Maria, Bailey’s alibi, is dead, Mike’s deal is pulled, Gallo threatens to tell Kevin about Mike’s deal, and Louis finds out that Tara has a part time boyfriend in LA.

The fact that Papa Zane comes in to the firm to tell Rachel that the elusive Maria is dead right after the victim’s father comes in to yell at Rachel to drop the case is a little suspicious to me. What if Zane is just trying to protect Rachel? What if he found the wrong Maria? What if he just doesn’t want to see his little girl (Rachel) fight and loose or see her win? I do like that Rachel is oblivious to all of the Mike drama. She always seemed too preoccupied with him. I’m glad she’s stepping out on her own and becoming a more independent character.

Now that Mike’s deal is off the table what is Harvey going to do to try to save him? I have a feeling it might involve more law breaking and possibly Gallo. Personally, I can’t wait till Gallo gets out because he’s by far the most annoying character this season. Other than him having control of all of the prison guards and some inmate’s that serve as his henchmen, he really doesn’t have anything going for him. At times I forget about him. But he always comes back.

And Louis does exactly what you would expect any man with low self-esteem would do when told their love interest has a boyfriend, he agrees to keep dating her. Which we all know can’t end well. I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out for him.

Season 6, Episode 7 (S06E07)
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