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When we last left things got complicated. In this episode things get really complicated. Mike reminded of his childhood trauma of his parents death because he found out that Kevin was convicted of a drunk driving accident. Harvey has to figure out how to represent the firm’s biggest client but also make sure he doesn’t win the case in order to get Mike out. Louis has to figure out how to keep his architect love interest from finding out that he doesn’t actually own the home in the Hamptons that he’s hired her to remodel. Rachel has to defend her innocence project case on her own and in light of new information. And Jessica is trying to keep the firm afloat.

Mike has a dream that Harvey comes to visit him and tells him that Kevin killed Rachel in his drunk driving accident. Which actually makes sense if you interrupt the dream; Mike dreams that Kevin killed Rachel because he finds out that Kevin is in prison for drunk driving and if Mike doesn’t inform on him, he will in a sense kill Rachel, as he will have to serve his full two years and put a serious strain on their relationship.

Luckily Mike has Harvey to make sure none of that happens and Mike makes it out before his 2-year sentence. At the firm Harvey keeps Sutter waiting with Cahill’s indictments in hand and goes to Cahill to get the real story on Kevin and why he’s so important to Cahill’s case. We learn that Kevin is key person in Sutter’s case because he developed a trading program (algorithm) that supposedly allowed Sutter to make some questionable trades. However, that program never worked. Harvey also finds out about Kevin’s drunk driving case and knows Mike would be affected by it given his parents death at the hands of a drunk driver.

Meanwhile, Louis is obsessing over ‘wood’ and his plan to build the miniature Hampton home he doesn’t own yet to buy him some remodel planning quality time with Tara. But his plan almost back fires when Tara asks to visit Louis’s Hampton home before his sale is complete. There’s only one person who can pull a house through escrow in one day, Donna.


Back at Danbury Mike is acting weird around Kevin because of his dream and questions Kevin on his feelings about the accident. But Kevin’s case isn’t just like Mike’s parents because Kevin’s victim survived.

Rachel is pressing Jessica to prioritize her innocence project case. But Jessica doesn’t have time for it because she’s too busy trying to get all of Sutter’s business and not just the pieces of his business he’s been dangling in front of the firm like a carrot being dangled in front of a horse.

Mike starts feeling like he may need to talk to someone about his feelings toward Kevin and goes to see Julius about his dream and asks for help to act “normal”. Julius doesn’t offer much help and Mike realizes he’s made a mistake trying to make Julius his personal therapist.

In court, Cahill and Harvey go to battle over Cahill’s insider trading allegations. And Harvey wins. Here’s where it gets complicated, Harvey has to keep Sutter’s case from being dismissed too quickly because he needs time for Mike to get intel on Kevin so he can take Cahill’s deal.


Rachel continues to fight for her death row client, Leonard Bailey, and even pressures her professor to help her with the case but she’s told she needs stronger evidence to reopen the case. She takes that note and goes to see Bailey’s former lawyer and learns that the only alibi he had the night of the murders he was convicted of, was a meth addicted woman named Marie which he also might have been high with the night of the murders. When Rachel goes to confront Bailey about it he admits to being ashamed about his past and promises to never keep information from Rachel again. Rachel may be getting the hang of this lawyer thing after all.

Harvey is doing whatever it takes for his client, Mike, as well. But he’s running into some serious conflicts of interest with Sutter’s case. So he tries to collude with Cahill. However, Cahill doesn’t bite, literally, Harvey leaves his half eaten dinner in a bag with a document that can keep Sutter’s case from being dismissed in front of Cahill’s office, and tells Cahill to take the bag. Cahill has his own way of working with Harvey without breaking the law he subpoenas’s both Sutter and Kevin. Which prompts Harvey to get Mike to help Sutter and Kevin prep for the deposition. It’s just like old times again, Mike gets Kevin to turn on Sutter and we find out the real reason Kevin received a 3 year sentence, he took a deal. A deal that protected his wife from going to prison for her known involvement in her father’s insider trading deals.

Louis’ is finally exposed when the original owners come by while Tara is there. Louis tells Tara the truth and she agrees to dinner. Rachel comes to Jessica to intervene in baileys case because his execution date has been set.

Kevin opens all the way up with Mike about his life and his resentment towards Sutter for being put in jail for him. Mike tries to offer him the idea of still making a deal. Kevin makes it clear that he won’t be taking any deals at this point.

Cahill tells Harvey the real reason why he’s going after Sutter and it’s personal. But sadly the case has already been thrown out.

I thought this episode answered a lot of questions that seemed to linger for a bit too long. Questions like: why Kevin was really in prison, why Cahill had it out for Sutter, and why Rachel’s client was found guilty. But I still have some questions; how is Mike going to get out early now that the deal is no longer on the table? How is Rachel going to defend Bailey? How is Harvey going to keep Sutter as a client knowing he’s guilty? What is Louis and Tara’s first date going to be like?

Hopefully we’ll get some more answers in the next episodes.

B+ Grade
Season 6, Episode 6 (S01E06)
Suits airs Wednesdays at 9PM on USA


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