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Just when we thought the team was in the clear and Mike was coming home well before his 2-year stint in prison is over, Mike finds out he has to wait a few more days. Which can seem like an eternity for Mike because time is running out on his promise to get Gallo out before Gallo takes his revenge on Harvey out on Mike. Harvey can’t let that happen so he makes good on his deal with Gallo and represents him at his parole hearing. But he’s met with opposition from his favorite former boss and mentor, Cameron Dennis, another character with two first names who I don’t trust. Not sure when Cameron decided to get a conscious but he decides to stop Harvey from helping Gallo get released. Oh, and while Harvey is busy trying to keep Mike from getting shanked, Mike is busy jeopardizing his deal with Cahill. Mike being the good guy that he tries to get Cahill to not go after Jill’s assets but also to get Kevin an early release as well. Now the episode title makes sense, Mike is definitely biting the hand that feeds him (Cahill).

Meanwhile, Jessica and Rachel are trying to get Bailey’s case reopened. Rachel finds some evidence that might stick but it would include getting Bailey’s former attorney to admit to not handling Bailey’s case properly. Jessica tries to strong-arm Bailey’s former attorney but she’s just as much as bulldog as Jessica and doesn’t back down. The prosecution in the case tries to cut a deal. A deal that Jessica thinks they should take and Rachel thinks they shouldn’t. Bailey of course, goes with Rachel’s course of action, which is to fight for his innocence.

Then we have Louis who isn’t doing much of anything but mudding and having girl talk with Donna. He’s impatiently waiting to find out what happens with Tara’s open relationship. In the end, Tara chooses Louis.

It seems like the more Mike tries to help the worse it gets for him and the other parties involved. Leaving him with more enemies than when he started. You would think Harvey would know this about Mike as well. Mike is always going to have other people’s best interest in mind instead of his own. The problem is, is that Harvey always has Mike’s best interest. The whole time Mike has been in prison he’s been coming up with creative solutions to by him time and to help his friends. I definitely knew he had a trick up his sleeve when he testified at Gallo’s parole hearing and prevented Gallo from getting out.

Louis has taken a back seat this season so far when it comes to getting involved in any of the Mike/Harvey drama. It seems like he’s not working on any cases at all actually. His storyline seems to get less and less attention each week. In fact, we didn’t even get to see the play by play of Tara’s boyfriend coming into town, the proposal, or more importantly what that boyfriend looks like. I mean, if Tara ended things with a long term boyfriend and turned down a proposal for Louis I really need to see what this guy is like. Because let’s be honest, Louis is no prince Charming.


I like that Rachel is continuing to grow as a lawyer and as a character. I sometimes forget that Rachel is still just a law school student and not a practicing lawyer. Rachel is another character that consistently tires to do what’s right, which is why her and Mike get along so well. But I wonder if her need to do what’s right will interfere with making the best decision for her current and future clients.

I like when Jessica shows us her softer side again and get’s Bailey’s daughter to come visit him. I wonder if it’s a ploy to get Bailey to trust her and to take the deal or does Jessica genuinely care about Bailey’s case? I’m not sure, I just know  that Jessica is always looking to win even if that means letting an innocent man’s reputation stay tarnished.

I think my main issue this season is that nothing surprises me. Everyone always acts the same way under pressure. I do find it interesting that  the storyline continues to progress given the premise (Mike being a fraud) has been exposed.

Season 6, Episode 9 (S06E09)
Series Title airs Wednesdays at 9PM on USA


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