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This episode of SUITS deals with some serious trust issues. Harvey is trying to trust that Cahill’s deal will work, Mike is trying to get Kevin to trust him with the details of his incarceration, Donna wants Louis to trust her ability to find him a Hampton home, and Rachel wants her innocence project client to trust that she will fight for him. But who can anyone really trust?
We last left with Mike reluctantly deciding to take Cahill’s deal to inform on his secretive yet loyal roommate, Kevin. Which we all thought was the best way out for Mike, given he doesn’t know anything about the guy. But in this episode we do learn something about the mysterious Kevin, he’s also the the son-in-law of Harvey’s recently rejected client, William Sutter. This prompts Harvey to take Sutter on as a client since he knows Kevin protected Mike, but he still needs Mike to inform on Kevin to get Mike out. Which makes this deal a bit more complicated because now Cahill and Harvey are representing opposing clients.
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Harvey then has to ask Jessica to do what she does best and sweet talk Stu into taking over Sutter’s trades as his trading license is suspended by Cahill. Stu agrees and wonders why Jessica has to keep asking him for favors like this if Pearson, Specter, Litt is so prestigious. Clearly, he knows nothing about their reputation and Mike. Instead of explaining all of that Jessica simply tells Stu to; “Google it”.

Meanwhile, Rachel receives a call from her professor, at an inappropriate hour if you ask me, letting her know that due to the new evidence found in her client Leonard Bailey’s case, he has to shut down her innocence project case. When Rachel tells Bailey the bad news he, understandably, doesn’t take it well. He accuses Rachel of not fighting for him the way she promised she would. Rachel knows she can do more and she does. She finds out that if she can get a practicing lawyer at the firm to sponsor the case and take it on pro bono, she can still fight to prove Bailey’s innocence. So she asks Jessica who turns her down initially but has a change of heart and accepts after realizing the firm could use some good press for once.

Louis is still swooning over his new love interest, the architect he hired to remodel his Hampton home, or should I say “Sham-pton” home as we learn that Louis doesn’t even own a home in the Hamptons! He asks Donna to help him find one quick so his plan can stay in tact. Donna tells him that he doesn’t need to trick his crush into to working for him just to get close to her. But Louis insists on needing his plan to work. Donna asks Louis to trust that she will find him the best home. Louis gets antsy and blows up at Donna for not finding him a home right away. He admits that his outburst was because he misses Donna as a secretary. But Donna always comes through and she even makes an offer for him.

Back at Danbury Mike is trying to keep his stories straight as Kevin finds out that Mike wasn’t in the infirmary for “food poisoning”. Mike also has to make sure Gallo’s motion is filed properly which calls for Harvey to represent Gallo. Mike is still trying to get info about Kevin but all he learns of is how he got there and not why. This information comes only after Mike spends the night in solitary for trying to get the warden even more involved in all the drama.

In the end, Harvey and Cahill have their last toast and prepare for their imminent legal battle. I think the theme for this episode was way overstated, the word ‘trust’ was probably said about 83 times in this episode, I’m exaggerating, but still. I liked that Rachel saw how hard Harvey fought for Mike as an example of how she should be fighting for her client. I’m glad Gallo is no longer a threat but I’m worried that with him having his hands tied with Harvey representing him will prompt him to do something drastic. The only questions we’re left with is will Kevin tell Mike what he needs to know before Cahill’s indictments? Will Rachel win her innocence project case and set an innocent man free? And will Louis’ plan work to win over his love interest?

Season 6, Episode 5 (S06 E05)
Suits airs Wednesdays at 9PM on USA


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