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In last week’s episode of SUITS, we left off on the bomb Cahill dropped on Harvey and Jessica about Mike’s opportunity to get out of prison. Harvey immediately wants to rush to tell Mike about the deal in the middle of the night. But Jessica stops Harvey in his tracks and tells him it will only make Mike’s cellmate, Kevin, suspicious if he visits Mike in the middle of the night.

SUITS -- "Turn" Episode 604 -- Pictured: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)
Oblivious to what’s going on, on the outside, Mike is genuinely getting to know Kevin. Kevin tells Mike he doesn’t let his kids visit him to protect them and Mike shares that he lost his parents.

Harvey still pulls Mike out of his cell in the wee hours of the morning to inform him of Cahill’s deal. Harvey tries to convince Mike to take the deal but Mike refuses to betray Kevin. Instead, Mike wants Harvey to help get Frank out.

Meanwhile, Rachel is making her own prison visits when she meets the client for her Innocence Project case. But Rachel doesn’t get the greeting she expected. The death row inmate doesn’t want her help because after all, she is only a 2nd year law student.

Back at the firm Louis is still is still battling it out with his trader tenants, specifically the ringleader, Stu. And Stu isn’t cutting Louis any breaks when he uses Louis’ mugs for testing urine. Donna gives Louis the bright idea to remodel the office so he can avoid interaction with the traders. Louis excitedly runs to Gretchen to recruit potential architects.

SUITS -- "Turn" Episode 604 -- Pictured: Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

Rachel is feeling anxious and a bit guilty for taking on the case for her Innocence Project. She feels like taking on the case will distract her from thinking about Mike. She confides in Donna about her feelings and Donna reassures Rachel that, taking this case would be the best thing for her right now.

Harvey tires to buy some time with Cahill while he tries to convince Mike to take the deal. However, his time is running out as Cahill tells Harvey if Mike doesn’t take the deal, he’ll walk.

Jessica comes to Harvey about the deal he made with Stu. Apparently, Stu has started selling the shares in Nathan Burns’ company that he bought for Harvey last week. Jessica tells Harvey that she’ll handle the traders and for him to focus on getting Mike out. When Jessica confronts Stu about him breaking his deal with Harvey, Stu tells Jessica the only way he’ll stop selling the shares is if Jessica goes out with him.

Mike, feeling conflicted about his decision to not take Cahill’s deal, calls Rachel. Rachel tells Mike about her case and how it’s helping her cope with Mike being in prison. Mike asks to be transferred to Donna and tells her he’s definitely not taking Cahill’s deal and that Harvey should stop trying to convince him otherwise. This news sends Harvey through the roof and he threatens to use Rachel to get Mike to change his mind. Donna pleads with Harvey to find another way to get Mike to take the deal because telling Rachel about the deal Mike is refusing would cause even more damage.


Donna gets through to Harvey and he goes to Cahill to find another solution to get Mike out.

At Danbury Mike has his own plans to save himself, he propositioned Frank to him get parole in 6 weeks. And Frank seems to agree to Mikes proposal.

Louis attempts to hire an attractive architect,Tara Messer (Carly Pope). But Jessica, knowing how Louis can get when he has a crush, tells him he can’t hire Tara.

While Mike and Kevin are enjoying a game of basketball in the courtyard, Mike feels dizzy and passes out. Harvey rushes to Danbury and makes sure he see’s Frank and accuses him of drugging Mike. He also gets Kevin to admit that he saw Frank touch Mike’s food.

We learn that Harvey and Cahill had Mike drugged to buy him some time to so he can convince him to take Cahill’s deal.  And what better way to convince Mike to take the deal than to bringing him to see the love of his life, Rachel, for an impromptu conjugal visit.

Back at the firm Jessica works her magic and gets Stu back for selling off Nathan’s shares.

And when Louis goes to break the news to his new architect, he makes a desperate attempt to keep her around by asking her to renovate his summer home in the Hampton’s.

Cahill is getting agitated waiting to hear back from Harvey and threatens to tell Rachel about the deal. Harvey is ready to fend off Cahill at all costs but Mike comes out in just the nick of time to tell Harvey and Cahill he’s taking the deal.


This episode gave us even more incentive to keep watching as we all want to see how this plays out. Something tells me that because we didn’t see Mike tell Rachel about the deal that Mike may have his own way of ‘agreeing’ to the deal.

Season 6, Episode 4 (S06 E04)
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