“Supergirl” And “The Flash” Crossover Confirmed



It’s official!  will crossover with .

In an episode of Supergirl set to air March 28 on CBS, star of CW’s The Flash will appear as Barry Allen on the freshman superhero series. No details are available regarding what brings the speedster to National City to join forces with ’s “Girl of Steel.” The crossover will be one-way, with rumors of an explanation (outside real-life budgetary and logistical reasons) being that The Flash has been established as potentially able to cross dimensions while Supergirl, for now, cannot.

and , who are executive on both series, are well-versed in superhero crossovers. The team behind most of the DC television universe has staged several between CW series Arrow and Flash, and used one such crossover to launch the net’s latest comic-inspired series, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.

Benoist is repped by and , Gustin by and .

Fun fact: Gustin and Benoist both appeared on Fox’s musical dramedy Glee before becoming superheroes.

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