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Last night’s , “City of Lost Children,” has a great climax, but I’m not sure if the steps to get to this culmination are as solid. For starters, Guardian/Jimmy features heavily in this episode, which came as a big surprise. Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of a welcome one. It’s nice to see Jimmy get his due but it comes at a pretty random time, especially as stuff with Queen Rhea was really starting to heat up.

But more importantly, Jimmy’s storyline feels like something that should have been featured when he first donned his new mask and went out on the town with Winn, not so late in the game. This is definitely a hero’s awakening episode. Only problem is, hasn’t Jimmy been a hero for weeks now?


Anyway, the storyline itself is pretty meaty. Jimmy stumbles upon a race of aliens called the Phorians, who have telekinetic powers but are a peaceful people. A Phorian mother unleashes fire and brimstone at a National City haunt and becomes public enemy number one.

Guardian later finds the mom’s kid, Marcus. Guardian breaks through Marcus’ apprehension and trauma and the two really connect. Jimmy even brings Marcus to work, that is until Marcus himself is put into a trance, recreating the same Earthquake-like event right smack dab in the middle of CatCo. Supergirl comes in and saves Marcus, who’s put into DEO lockup.

But really, none of this is Marcus’ or any of the Phorians’ fault. The portal that Rhea is manipulating Lena to develop is what triggers these violent telekinetic episodes. It’s interesting to see these two storylines work in tandem but it seems kind of odd that an explicitly Kara-centric storyline isn’t weaving in and out with Rhea and Lena’s dangerous plans. In fact, Supergirl spends much of this episode on the sidelines, again something that’s happened on more than one occasion in the show’s sophomore season.


Speaking of Lena and Rhea, I feel like Lena is a bit too easily duped here. The two brilliant science minds trade plenty of tech jargon and develop an interesting friendship, but it’s almost like after Lena cleverly found out Rhea was an alien, that was the extent of her shrewdness. This does not ring true. Lena is someone who’s always on her guard and would especially be in this case, considering that she’s already been lied to by Rhea.

This storyline does not provide Lena much in the way of breadcrumbs; when Kara calls Lena, for instance, Rhea picks up instead and reveals her plan and wickedness. Lena is in the room, too, but is pretty much oblivious. This was very disappointing and when tens of Daxamite ships later stream into National City through that portal, Lena pretty much feels like the butt of a joke.


The Guardian storyline, though, overall was pretty solid. While there are scientific rules in place (every time the portal is activated, the Phorians are taken over), Supergirl emphasizes the power of personal connection. Jimmy develops a great relationship with Marcus, so much so that Marcus eventually leads them to the rest of the Phorians.

Just as Guardian and Winn are about to lead the exodus, the portal activates again and the Phorians get all crazy again. While Winn wants to flee, Guardian refuses and continues to talk to Marcus, hoping to break through to him. Eventually Guardian does and the rest of the Phorians get their minds back too. A pretty solid scene.

The climax between Supergirl, Mon-El and Rhea was pretty great too. Oh, and Martian Maneater shows up too, but is soon incapacitated by a mind warping device that keeps the Martian in his own mind for eternity.

Here, Rhea proves to be a quick and strong antagonist. But while Supergirl heads out to the portal, Mon-El is put front and center, which could be a problem going forward. Will season two’s remaining episodes be more about Mon-El and Rhea or Kara and Rhea?

This is an important question. Still, Rhea continues to manipulate and lie to get her way. And just when I thought Mon-El would figure out that his mother killed Lar Gand, Rhea instead says her dear husband committed suicide.

Season 2, Episode 20 (S02E20)
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