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Last night’s “Distant Sun” picks up where last week’s episode ended with more drama ensuing from the reemergence of Mon-El’s parents Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand. Granted, there was a Flash crossover musical event in between, but really last night’s Supergirl feels totally untethered to that. After Kara takes down just another alien miscreant, J’onn and the DEO discover that a bounty has been placed on Supergirl’s head. Kara doesn’t seem too nervous, even though the team tells her to lay low, at least for 24 hours while they try to make sense of the situation.

Mon-El immediately warps up to his parents’ ship where they’ve been orbiting the Earth hoping Mon-El might come to his senses and return home to Daxam. While Rhea and Lar Gand aren’t the nicest people in the world (ours or others), I did assume they would have some moral line. That goes all out the window when Mon-El deduces that they’re behind the large bounty that’s been put out on Supergirl.


Well, as it turns out, Mon-El is only half right. Rhea, behind her husband’s back, is trying to take out Kara to make their beloved son come to his senses and return home. Later, a universally renowned telepath gets a hold of Mon-El’s mind and turns his body into a one man wrecking crew against Kara. The rooftop battle between the two was pretty fun, especially as they deliver blows and then apologize for delivering these blows.

Winn, who’s an especially good sidekick in “Distant Sun,” eventually holds a stapler to the telepath’s back, making him surrender to the DEO. At headquarters, J’onn and the detained telepath square off in mental tete a tete. It’s totally campy, especially when the telepath’s first lines before battle are “come at me bro,” but I’m glad that the show isn’t taking these more outlandish moments too seriously.


With the assassins come up short, Rhea takes matters into her own hands. Kara is convinced that all she and Mon-El have to do is talk to Mon-El’s parents. At the Fortress of Solitude, Kara is resolved to do just that, but Rhea, wielding dual kryptonite weapons, has other plans. Rhea is a convincing and formidable villain and brings Kara to her knees. Mon-El begs his mother to stop and he finally agrees to return home to Daxam.

In a pretty solid twist, we come to find out that mama Rhea is much more cold blooded and stuck in her ways than the comparatively open minded Lar Gand. With the ship set for planet Daxam and the DEO under strict orders from President Marsdin (by the way an evil alien) not to engage, all seems lost for Kara and Mon-El.

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Kara rallies the team to pull of a rescue mission nonetheless, with the shapeshifting J’onn first going up to the ship disguised as Supergirl who is now impervious to Rhea’s kryptonite daggers. Later Kara beams up to help J’onn while Winn sneaks inside to free Mon-El who’s been put in lock up for the four year trip back to Daxam (time outs on Daxam suck!)

The fight scenes on the ship feel particularly clunky however, with pretty unimaginative staging that has the good guys and the bad guys duking it out in a pretty plain and confined space. The ship’s window does get breached for a bit, threatening to send everyone out into outer space, but that’s quickly patched up. And in an evil twist at the end, Rhea kills her husband Lar Gand, who allows Mon-El and Kara to return back to planet Earth.

Mother knows best I suppose.

Away from the A story, Alex and Maggie deal with more relationship drama, this time in the form of one of Maggie’s old flames. But the plot here requires that Alex act oddly, like not only insist that the old flame have dinner with them while she’s in town, but then hunt said ex down when she doesn’t show. So not only does Alex not have a single jealous bone in her body, but she’s willing to go well beyond the norm to prove it.

There’s also a question of whether these past two episodes have completely pushed Kara into the rest of the ensemble soup. Mon-El is definitely a solid character, but I’m hoping that as season two marches to its conclusion, that Supergirl still remains the main attraction of her own show.

Season 2, Episode 17 (S02E17)
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