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Whoa. Last night’s episode “Exodus” was a series classic. I could mention how “big” this episode was, a race against time that ends with the good guys thwarting an alien mega ship about to reach hyperspeed. But at its core, last night’s adventure works because of how personal it is. It’s increasingly been a family affair on Supergirl, with the Danvers sisters each having different reactions to Jeremiah’s reappearance (and later) apparent betrayal. Last week’s episode ended with Kara and team discovering that Jeremiah infiltrated the DEO to take their alien registry back to Cadmus. Now in the clutches of the vigorously anti-alien Lilian Luthor, the Earth’s non-humans are in the crosshairs. Lilian plans on rounding up all the aliens from Earth and sending them back where they came from.

Hmm, sounds familiar.


Despite Jeremiah’s treachery, Alex still believes that there’s hope for her father and spends most of the story trying to find Cadmus’ latest headquarters. When working for Cadmus strike National City’s local alien watering hole and snatch up some more aliens, including Winn’s new beau, Alex replies by nearly beating one of those to death in an interrogation room. J’onn eventually has to break into the room to stop Alex from continuing.

The stakes are high for Alex, but J’onn and others start to question her stability. Can she handle working this case or is it too personal? Later, J’onn, disguised as Jeremiah Danvers, pays Alex a visit to test her. Because of her love and hope for her father, she’s far too trusting, so much so that J’onn ultimately decides to relieve Alex of her duties at the DEO for the time being. This was a pretty manipulative move on the part of J’onn, by the way, though he was coming from a benevolent place. Still, it’s something he later has to answer for, much like Jeremiah’s own manipulation to save his daughters.


Kara, meanwhile, also puts her in jeopardy working this personal case. In an attempt to get the news out, Kara tries to write a story warning aliens of Cadmus’ impeding plot. When Snapper asks Kara to reveal her source (the DEO, of course), she refuses, which makes Snapper skeptical. Kara, urged on by Lena Luthor, writes the story anyway, and sends it out online independently.

I’ve thought Kara’s role at KatCo this season has been pretty much hit or miss, but “Exodus” actually discovers a pretty credible reason for Kara to put on her journalistic hat. Still, in the background, I can’t help but remember that her friend Jimmy is in charge here, despite all of Snapper’s rabid barking. Later, when Snapper appears to fire Kara for her insubordination, will it really stick with Jimmy in charge of the show?


As “Exodus” moves towards its climax, both Kara and Alex work together to thwart an alien ship (with Winn’s girlfriend and others) aboard. Alex finds Cadmus first and gets to her father Jeremiah, who finally stands up for himself and his girls and against Lillian Luthor. It was nice to finally see him on the right side and reveal why he was doing what he was doing. Unfortunately, just like the last time he turned good, it’s unclear if he survived the battle.

A hasty Lillian decides to deport the few hundred aliens already aboard the ship, which will soon leave the Earth’s atmosphere and reach hyperspeed, jetting off to some unknown galaxy.

Alex rushes aboard the ship and assumes the controls. Winn and the DEO try to talk her through turning the mega ship around but it’s no use. Kara finally arrives and tries to turn the ship back. Kara and Alex are both pressed against the same window, and it’s that connection and proximity that finally gives Supergirl the strength to bring the mighty ship to a halt.

Finally, I should mention that Mon-El was a pretty solid force in this episode, playing support for Kara. He’s definitely matured as the season has progressed. Same goes for Maggie, who doesn’t agree with J’onn’s assessment that Alex has crossed the line. In a revamped season two that has really strengthened Supergirl’s supporting cast, all the different relationships really shined on this week’s “Exodus.”

Season 2, Episode 15 (S02E15)
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