SUPERGIRL Review: “Legion of Super-Heroes”


Supergirl returns from holiday hiatus with the answer to the question: is Supergirl dead? Of course the answer is no, but how not dead is the true answer this week’s episode, “Legion of Super-Heroes,” answers. Well, that and a bunch of stuff about Mon-El, his “Legion” and Reign. 
Can we start with the Legion of Super Heroes because I have two things I’d really like to address there. (Also, who am I asking this question to? I’m writing this review. Also, why am I writing this? Why do I keep writing this? Ugh, what is a delete button?)

Okay so first thing about the Legion: I really hope this is turning into a whole Legends of Tomorrow sort of thing where we’re getting introduced to these characters and then they’re going to turn into a new Berlanti show all on their own and then next year the crossover event will just get even bigger and more complicated with a whole lot more characters and actors to pay and The CW is just going to get taken over by Berlanti shows and it’s going to get so expensive that instead of a TV network they’re just going to slowly transition into a store that sells Funkos and we can all go in and buy bobbleheads of Mon-El and the new guy, Brainiac-5. 

Brainiac-5, by the way, is my new favorite character. (This is not my second thing.) Mostly he’s my favorite character because I have this weird affinity for part android/robot/cyber beings that stems from Data being all time favorite Star Trek character. They’re just so fascinating in the entire ability to be wholly better than human beings in every way, shape, and form, and yet still somehow be not quite as good. Or rather, not quite as good at being human. And the fact that he kept burying the lead ad then calling himself out on it – great. He’s going to be the much-needed comic relief that Supergirl lacks.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that lacking a consistent comic relief is the one thing that makes The Flash a better show than Supergirl. In all other respects, Supergirl is superior to The Flash (come at me with your arguments; The Flash did it to itself with all those terrible plotlines revolving solely around time and flashpoint).

Okay, so I’ll (finally) move on to the second thing about the Legion of Superheroes. Because as much as I really, really, REALLY would LOVE to see a whole show about the Legion (I mean, Legends is killing it at the moment, so I have high hopes that a show about the Legion could do the same) I really, really, REALLY hope that they NEVER do that weird walk thing to get their rings again. 
You know what I’m talking about. It’s the equivalent to every time we’ve seen Supergirl run towards the camera ripping her shirt open to reveal her Supergirl costume underneath. And let’s not kid ourselves there, either. Everytime she does it we can totally tell that it’s staged. Because the camera lingers a little too long and she never bothers to keep moving. I mean, in actual reality, if Supergirl existed, she’d continue to take her shirt the rest of the way off. I mean, obviously. Because she’s not going to fly into battle with just her logo peeking out from under her white business button-down. But at the same time, it’d be super awkward to show her continuing to undress, so we all just accept that there’s this totally unnecessary scene that’s meant to indicate that Kara is transitioning from her ordinary persona into her Supergirl persona, in much the same way we used to watch Superman change costumes in a telephone booth. 

But this scene with the legion just walking up to this random table where there were three rings waiting, and then the three of them putting the rings on and sticking their hands into the camera – that was really weird and laughably awkward. Who are you showing those rings to? Is the show truly trying to break the fourth wall? That’s not really in the nature of the show so I’m going to guess that’s not the intention, but could you imagine if these three Superheroes existed in real life, that they’d go, “Oh, that’s great, yes of course we’ll go fight this bad person. Let’s just put on these rings first, which we’re not going to explain and don’t obviously hold any significance other than to unite us as a group of bro heroes banding together. Then, after we put them on in this really obviously choreographed manner, we have to hold them out in front of us for absolutely zero reason.” Yeah, they wouldn’t. Because they’d be to busy running off to save the day!

Anyways, those two things were pretty much all that occupied my thoughts in this episode. It was a pretty good one otherwise. A fairly good introduction to the Legion – other than that silly ring scene – and best of all, the introduction to my new favorite character, who should also be your new favorite character. Go watch the show.


Season 3, Episode 10 (S03E10)
Supergirl airs Mondays at 8PM on CW

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