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While most of us are still coming out of our Thankgiving food comas, CW hopes to fatten us up again with a sumptuous four night DC crossover event on , The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. As it turns out, last night’s Supergirl “Medusa” only played a minor note in our crossover symphony, but created enough intrigue and set the table for what will happen throughout the week on CW. Basically, Barry and Cisco futz with the space time continuum, and in the final moments of Supergirl, finally arrive into the universe to ask Kara for her help. In the forthcoming The Flash, aliens attack National City and Barry will team up with Supergirl and the Green Arrow to stop the invasion. On Wednesday’s Arrow, meanwhile, Oliver wakes up in an alternate reality, as the rest of Team Arrow gets help from The Flash and Supergirl.

As for this week’s Supergirl, it’s basically another standard episode. After last week’s jam-packed “The Darkest Place,” this week’s installment is surprisingly underwhelming. This, despite the threat of a virus ending all non-Kryptonian alien life on Earth. It all gets started when Hank Henshaw, or should I say Cyborg Superman, plants a device in that local alien watering hole, killing all alien life inside. Mon-El gets out just in time, but is quarantined at the DEO. His Daxamite blood helps him fight off the virus to a certain extent, though he’s deteriorating. This attack is a prelude to a more major offense by Cadmus and Lilian Luthor.


One of the problems with this episode is that some of the show’s more recent emotional developments are glossed over. For instance, Alex’s mother, Eliza Danvers, reemerges (probably because it’s Thanksgiving in the Supergirl universe too), but there’s not a single mention of the fact that Kara had a run in and was actually rescued by her adoptive father Jeremiah Danvers! How can Kara and Alex not bring this up?! Instead, Eliza is mostly relegated to the role of helper, noting that Mon-El is crushing on Kara, and doling out advice to Alex about coming out to Maggie. Later, Eliza uses her science savvy to save both Mon-El and  J’onn, who’d have turned into a despised White Martian if not for her.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Eliza coming onto the scene and helping out those that she cares about, but to ignore major developments on the show that should affect her felt bizarre and off.


Then there’s the issue with the major storyline of this episode, an impending attack by Cadmus on National City’s alien population. Kara makes a surprisingly quick deducation that Cyborg Superman went to the Fortress of Solitude with Kara’s blood to create the destructive materials to wipe out non-Kryptonian aliens. She then appeals to Lena Luthor, whose mother of course is behind Cadmus. Lena isn’t too pleased that Kara is sullying her mother’s name. Later, when Lena discovers the true nature of her mother, she pretends to go along with her, but then later hands her over to the authorities. Because Lena hasn’t done anything explicitly bad on the show, though, I felt like I saw her misdirect coming from a mile away. Still, the fact that she handed Lilian over to the police was surprising, and not completely credible. It feels like as a Luthor, she’d find a much more crafty way to thwart her mother without fully playing her hand. Now, she’s pretty much just outed herself as a traitor.

Overall, though, there’s not much action here, besides that initial bar attack and then later with Kara flying through National City to stop the warhead from releasing the hostile agent.

One emotional beat I did appreciate was Kara discovering that her parents created that alien virus to protect themselves from non-Kryptonians. Now, that same virus is being used in National City to threaten her friends. Kara actually appeals to Lena on these grounds, and the two both seem to want to distinguish themselves from their parents and their past. Another good moment was Alex and Maggie finally sharing a kiss, after the latter gets lasered in the shoulder by Cyborg Superman. Their relationship has been building for a while, and it’s good that we finally got a payoff here.

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Season 2, Episode 8 (S02E08)
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