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Now see if last night’s entry “Star-Crossed” served as this season’s Valentine’s Day themed episode, I would have been much more satisfied. Stars from my youth Teri Hatcher (the Lois to Dean Cain’s Clark Kent) and Kevin Sorbo (aka Ryan’s dad on The O.C.) guest star as Mon-El’s parents and Daxam royalty. It all begins when Mon-El’s parents arrive in a huge ship and demand that Mon-El return home to Daxam.

Wait, is planet Daxam habitable again? And more importantly, as far as Kara’s concerned, wasn’t Mon-El a small fish on his problematic home planet? Who knew he was actually a prince? Kara flies up to the ship hovering above National City, but is shot out of the sky. Mon-El turns himself in but Kara joins him as they’re both beamed up to meet the clan.


Awkwardness ensues at a family dinner where Mon-El describes how an aide helped him into a pod as his home planet was crumbling. People were sacrificed just to get Mon-El away to safety, and the younger Mon-El didn’t do much to stop it. Sure, he felt a little bad. But he wasn’t going to put himself in harms way much less disrupt the way his society worked, particularly because he was totally privileged within that system.

In this way, the major personal conflict between Mon-El and Kara in season two comes full circle. Just when Kara was convinced that Mon-El had grown and matured, she finds out that he lied about who he really was. The fact that Mon-El actually had power within a society that Kara considers totally oppressive doesn’t help either.

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While Kara deals with that romantic bombshell, Winn also deals with his own discoveries about his seemingly lovely alien girlfriend Lyra. The pair breaks into a museum for some romantic fun but Winn is later questioned by Maggie about an art heist. Yep, it appears that Lyra set him up, and has been playing him since the first time they met.

Winn is a bit more optimistic about his lover than Kara is about Mon-El, however. He does some digging and finds out that Lyra is actually totally in over her head. Yes, she set Winn up, but only because some alien mobsters (picture that image) kidnapped her brother and are holding him hostage. She needed that painting so that she could hopefully get her brother back in return.

Winn enlists the help of Jimmy (as Guardian) and Alex to help Lyra get her brother back. Guardian, unfortunately for him, spends much of this episode just getting thrown around. His role has kind of been minor of late and it doesn’t help that last night he’s not given much time to shine. He isn’t even allowed to completely take out some thugs in a trailer park. And later, it’s Alex and the DEO who ultimately corner the alien mobster and save Lyra and her brother.


Winn’s romantic optimism serves as an interesting contrast to Kara’s hardened stance. It almost looks like she might forgive Mon-El, but she just can’t get past Mon-El’s unsavory days on Daxam. She breaks things off, putting an end to a relationship that was just getting started. (So much for all of that build up).

Of the two major storylines, I’d actually say that Winn and Lyra’s drama was actually more satisfying. After the initial action of Mon-El’s parents arriving, there’s not much in the way of fun action coming from that thread which is too bad. Winn, meanwhile, is at his nerdy and goodhearted best in this episode, nervously scarfing down donuts while in an interrogation room with Maggie, and later believing in Lyra’s goodness even when the latter is ready to give up on what they have.

The end of “Star-Crossed” sets the table for another CW crossover event, with a dimension bending character named Music Meister infiltrating the DEO and attacking Supergirl, warping her to some far off world where she’s about to take the stage. The events will continue on The Flash. Much like CW’s earlier four night crossover event “Invasion!,” Supergirl gives us a tease but nothing more. We’ll have to wait and see The Flash to find out how Kara gets out of her conundrum with the help of Barry and the rest.

Season 2, Episode 16 (S02E16)
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