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This week, set aside the after school special messages they’ve been peddling the past couple of weeks and actually delivered a decently funny episode. Arthur takes his first day off in three years, leaving Franco to run the shop. Franco decides that Arthur is too harsh, as he won’t let homeless people use the bathroom and reduced a girl scout to tears by yelling at her to take her business elsewhere, so he decides to do things the opposite way. Predictably, this results in disaster, but it’s an amusing watching all of Franco’s good intentions backfire.

Franco decides to let Lou, the homeless man, use the bathroom, but just as Arthur warned, if you give a bum an inch, they’ll take a mile. Lou decides to move into the bathroom, making it his new home. Mia tries to remedy the problem by declaring the female bathroom will be a gender neutral one, but quickly changes her mind after going in there after Tush, deciding that men are animals. Lou takes things even further by cooking bacon on a portable grill, only to set off the fire alarms and causing the sprinklers to turn on, drenching the entire store in water. Once they clean up the water, Lou invites more homeless people over for his housewarming party.

Franco tries to ignore the growing Lou problem and decides to invite the girl scouts back to set up shop inside the store. But once again, Arthur is right. The girl scouts siphon off their donut business. The little girl ends up with $300 in profits while Franco barely breaks even. However, we also learn that donuts are apparently 89 cents in this shop, which seems ridiculously low. He also puts the day old donuts outside the shop in order to give them to the needy in the community, but this too backfires spectacularly. The donuts attract raccoons, which soon work their way into the store’s ceilings through the pipes.


Meanwhile, Franco convinced Fawz to take Arthur out for the day, as even though it was officially his day off, he chose to spend the beginning of it in the donut shop. Fawz didn’t actually take much convincing, as he hopes that once Arthur sees how much fun having free time is, he’ll want to retire and sell the shop over to him. He takes Arthur to a spa, where there’s a strange joke about Arthur not being able to tell that his masseuse was a woman, and talks up the retirement life. Arthur isn’t that into the spa, especially after two men come in to beat them with branches—another strange joke that didn’t really land—so he takes off, back to the store.

This time, Randy tries to get him to loosen up, taking him bowling, as that’s an activity he enjoyed with his late wife. But Arthur doesn’t like how the bowling alley has changed. Now it’s full of hipsters, neon balls, and expensive beer. The bowling doesn’t help him loosen up, but the vape pen Randy confiscates from a bearded man in the next lane sure does. Judd Hirsch playing high is actually delightful. He returns to the store, where he hugs Franco for being so cute and waves off his messes as the byproduct of him just being compassionate. Turns out, one of his initiatives paid off. The mother of the girl scout asks if they could cater her company’s weekly breakfast meeting, giving them a standing order of ten dozen donuts a week.


It’s nothing groundbreaking, or even that memorable, but it was an enjoyable half hour of TV. Hopefully the show sticks to telling straightforward comedic stories instead of trying to hamfistedly shoehorn in social critiques from here on out.


Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
Superior Donuts airs Monday at 9PM on CBS

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