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It’s a wedding episode! Given how well the show has handled these sorts of event episodes before–“Halloween Theft” and “Black Friday” are two of my favorite episodes–I had high hopes, but this episode turned out to be a rare misstep for the show. Cheyenne and Bo are finally tying the knot and the whole store is invited. One can debate whether Cheyenne and Bo should even be getting married, especially after his actions last week, but they’re young, dumb, and in love. Their relationship isn’t the problem this week–it’s how everyone else acts.

Superstore - Season 2

There’s been awkward moments mined for humor and cringe comedy before on this show, but this week, everyone acts significantly worse to each other in a way that felt like a step back. Let’s start with Dina. She guilts Cheyenne into making her a bridesmaid, then proceeds to be the worst bridesmaid ever. This isn’t necessarily unexpected, but Dina acts with such little regard for Cheyenne’s that it’s hard to watch. She stands in front of her in her wedding pictures, she gives an awful toast with such jokes as “What do you call someone who likes small pensies? Hopefully Cheyenne.”, and she asks Cheyenne to return her bridesmaid’s gift and give her cash, as she can’t have cheap jewelry in the house.

Dina’s obliviousness to other people’s feeling and societal norms is part of what makes her character funny, but it went a bit too far this week. The character has shown some growth this season–she admitted in “Ladies’ Lunch” that she doesn’t have a lot of female friends and wants to change that, but none of that growth was on display in this episode. Glenn was hard to watch this week as well. He invites Jeff to the wedding, as he hopes that if Jeff sees the Cloud Nine crew as people rather than employees, he’ll change his mind about the layoffs.

Superstore - Season 2

Glenn decides that the best course of action would be to show Jeff just how close the employees are to poverty to emphasize how much they need their jobs. It’s a dark idea, but Glenn’s execution is even darker. He pulls Cheyenne aside to say hi to Jeff, telling him that she’s severely uneducated and that her is the only thing keeping her from prostitution. It’s an awful thing to say about someone in front of them in any circumstance, but especially on their wedding day! Glenn’s bleak view of his employee’s prospects could be accurate, but it’s also depressing.

Jonah too acts overly awkward. He brings Kristen as his date to the wedding, but alternates between ignoring, insulting, and overwhelming her after someone refers to him as Amy’s “work husband” in front of Adam, Amy’s real husband. Even though Amy and Adam have been having problems, Amy’s brought him along as her date. Jonah wants to prove that he doesn’t have feelings for Amy, so he insults her and loudly declares he’s on Team Adam. We’ve seen Jonah get flustered and weird before, but this is a new level.

Superstore - Season 2

Amy gives a toast, mainly to get Dina to treating the wedding like open mic night at a comedy club. She ends up basically admitting that she and Adam wouldn’t have gotten married if she wasn’t pregnant and not so subtly urges Cheyenne to reconsider marrying Bo. Poor Cheyenne. She’s always been a passive character, but she doesn’t stand up to anyone this week and they all ruin her wedding in different ways. The episode ends with Jonah and Amy bonding outside. She realizes her marriage is really over and Jonah admits that he finds her attractive.

The one bright spot this episode was Sandra. Jerry, who’s essentially the male version of her we met in “Ladies’ Lunch”, is at the wedding as Carol’s date. But he and Sandra cautiously flirt and he ends up leaving Carol for her. Their relationship is absolutely adorable. At least someone had fun at the wedding! Next week is the season finale. Glenn ends this episode by accidentally announcing that there’s going to be layoffs to the whole room, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.


Season 2, Episode 21 (S02E21)
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