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This was an all-around hilarious episode of . Glenn brings every child he’s ever fostered–besides the ones in prison, which they’ll photoshop in–to work as he wants to take a family photo for his wife’s birthday. Glenn can sometimes come across as a hapless weirdo, so it’s nice to see this other side of him. He genuinely cares about other people’s happiness, but we also see that he’s not the best at confrontation. He sees Jonah flirting with his foster daughter Kristen (Brenda Song), which worries him. Kristen’s in law school and he doesn’t want her distracted by a “B-school dropout” like Jonah.

Superstore - Season 2

Instead of talking to either of them, Glenn enlists Amy to nip their potential relationship in the bud. Glenn’s meddled in Kristen’s love life before and the last time, she stopped talking to him for a week. Amy tells Glenn that Jonah will probably say something like “joie de vivre” and she’ll decide on her own not to date him, but Glenn disagrees. Jonah is gorgeous. Amy at first tries to dissuade Jonah from pursuing Kristen, telling him that dating the boss’s daughter could make things complicated, but Jonah teases her, accusing her of having a crush on him.

Jonah asks Glenn if it would be okay for him to ask out Kristen. Not only does Glenn give him permission, he tells him that if he doesn’t ask her out, he’ll kill himself. He knows the exact number of aspirin to take and everything! Glenn’s a people pleaser to a fault. As as Jonah leaves, he tells Amy that she needs to put a stop to their relationship once and for all. Amy goes to talk to Kristen. The only negatives about Jonah she can think of is that he talks too much about cheese and he has a list of French movies he claims he’s going to watch, but never does. Kristen doesn’t think those are dealbreakers, so Amy lies and says he’s addicted to meth.

Superstore - Season 2

Of course, Kristen asks Jonah about this, so Jonah brings together her, Amy, and Glenn to determine what exactly is going on. Glenn denies interfering, saying that Amy has a crush on Jonah. After Kristen accuses her father of trying to push her away, Amy steps up and says that he’s telling the truth. She likes Jonah. Jonah later tells her that she knows she’s covering for Glenn, but there might be a bit of truth in her lie. When she watches Kristen and Jonah together, there’s a hint of sadness on her face. Superstore has been so good at developing Jonah and Amy’s friendship that I wouldn’t be mad if the two never dated, but it does seem like that’s the direction the show is heading.

Glenn’s photo shoot with his family is adorable. They all dress up as elves, although apparently he’s never heard of Lord of the Rings. All of Glenn’s kids are entertaining. Cheyenne’s enlisted to watch the youngest, a toddler named Bobbi Sue, but promptly loses her while talking about the Step Up franchise with Garrett. This subplot is mainly an excuse for Garrett, Dina, and Cheyenne to run around the store and concoct schemes to find her, but it’s hilarious watching Dina kick in dressing room doors, brandishing a flashlight like a cop.

Superstore - Season 2

Mateo processes his break-up with Jeff by talking to three of the kids, realizing that there are plenty of Jeffs out there. He also seems shocked to learn that none of his other coworkers found Jeff attractive–perhaps a nod towards viewers who wondered why the two of them were together in the first place. Hopefully now Mateo can find someone who he actually has chemistry with.


Season 2, Episode 19 (S02E19)
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