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After two weeks off, returns with an episode that’s mainly focused on reestablishing the main emotional storylines this season—Amy’s issues with her husband Adam and Jonah’s growing inability to deny that he has feelings for her. The show accomplishes this by splitting up the guys and girls of the store. On Cloud Nine’s slowest day ever, the ladies go to a lunch thrown by Dina—more accurately, are abducted and find themselves at a lunch with Dina—while the men play an increasingly complex game of Muffin Ball, a basketball/football/lacrosse hybrid.

Superstore - Season 2

This episode also fleshes out some of the minor characters more, mainly Marcus and Carol. One of the best parts of the show is the strong supporting cast and similarly to the show this one most often gets compared with, The Office, the writers are slowly developing them into more than just background characters. After Glenn announces to the entire store that Amy is in marriage counseling and that Adam is sleeping in the basement, Marcus calls “dibs” on Amy, leaving an annoyed Jonah to sputter incoherently about how you can’t call dibs on a person. Marcus’s in-your-face, unapologetically asshole-like behavior really rubs Jonah the wrong way, causing him to reassess whether he’s annoyed by Marcus or whether he’s annoyed because he has feelings for Amy.

Dina’s ladies’ lunch, held in a bar/restaurant populated by old men with breathing machines smoking inside, is attended by Cheyenne, Carol, Justine, Myrtle, Sandra, and Amy. It’s an odd assortment of people and half of them are only there because Dina tricked them into loading a TV into a truck, only to close the door and drive them to lunch. Dina lays ground rules for conversation—no work talk and no talking about people unless everyone knows them—which really leaves them with nothing to discuss. Dina attempts to spark conversation by asking what part of the penis is everyone’s favorite—hers is the bottom—but Amy especially is dying to get out of there.

Supterstore - Season 2

Amy would probably be even more annoyed if she knew that Carol was making moves on her husband. Carol gets Adam’s number from Amy’s emergency contact list, then calls him several times to leave flirty messages encouraging him to leave Amy for her. Carol’s not a serious threat and her delusional attempts to talk to a man she doesn’t even know are a bit pathetic. These characters lead difficult lives—they work a minimum wage for an uncaring corporation—but there was something especially said about seeing such a lonely, delusional woman embarrass herself. At least she gets a dance partner when she swoops in and steals the guy Sandra is flirting with.

Yes, Sandra ran into a guy at the bar who just might be perfect for her. He loves The Vampire Diaries and seems genuinely nice. The only problem is that she’s still pretending to be dating Jeff and therefore can’t tell him she doesn’t have a boyfriend in front of the others. She describes her fake relationship with Jeff as if it were a plotline in a bad romance novel, but the others lap it up. Except Amy, who really, really does not want to be there. Dina eventually says that they can leave, mentioning that she doesn’t have a lot of female friends. Amy feels guilty and orders another round of drinks.

Supterstore - Season 2

The women get wildly drunk then return to the store, where Dina rips up a bag of potato chips and starts eating them right there in the aisle, which is exactly what I would do if I worked there. Jonah rushes to talk to Amy, as his competition with Marcus all day has gotten him all worked up. He rambles about their friendship and the idea of winning people sexually—it doesn’t make sense, but luckily Amy is still wasted. But Jonah obviously isn’t, so it will be interesting to see this will-they-won’t-they relationship will continue developing next week, in the show’s Valentine’s Day episode.


Season 2, Episode 13 (S02E13)
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