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In the 19th installment of the series “Spring Cleaning” brings back my favorite character Bo back as he has to look for a at Cloud 9 to make some extra cash to pay for his upcoming wedding. Something I’m actually looking forward to because we finally get the much needed time with Bo and his presence really brought a different layer to the episode. In my opinion it was definitely a breath of fresh air that was actually delightful.  As per the usual we first get a whiff of his stupidity on full scale for comedic effect but manages to delve into something much better when he decides robbing the store is the answer to all of his problems. I loved all of his “know what I’m sayin” lines sprinkled through the episode.

This new goal pushes Bo in the wrong but wonderfully hilarious direction that is more align with the world of the show and we finally get those scenes with the other characters in Cloud 9. As the story continues to unfold we get a chance to really see Bo shine with his strong comedic timing and hilarious yet allusive nature. Mateo’s normal smug superiority finally finds aim when he thinks he can make $5,000 in a week. Tate offers some horrible advice on moving painkillers as he admires his mustache.  Bo is way to off to put together a robbery that would require skill and stealth even with blind security guards and broken cameras. Bo is already doomed!

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This is all brings Cheyenne to the forefront brings an even keel feeling to the story that only a young mother could provide. Bo surprisingly leaves the store in a triumph or a potential triumph as  Dina makes sure he doesn’t leave with that vest. As the plot begins to thicken we learn more about Jonah and Glenn’s foster daughter. Jonah’s admiration and determination could of come off as a father/higher up but he really just wants to keep the relationship going well with all his girlfriends’ fathers. Very noble! Glenn being the very unaware but happy guy he only wants someone to hang with him and be the guide he needs in his first-ever Mexican restaurant experience.

I’ve always enjoyed how Superstore continues to avoid tropes as it allows for the writer and characters to  instead make stronger comedic choices both in the scene and in the writing. This episode avoids falling down the resentment trap and focuses more on how uncomfortable his proximity to Glenn is becoming even with the weird questions about snow to being followed to the urinal. Which often provides the type of awkwardness I’ve come to love about this show.  As the awkwardness builds and builds in Cloud 9 we get another great moment in the break room only for a moment as everything goes back to normal and leaves us wanting more.

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One of my favorite moments in the episode is Bo’s interactions with Dina and Cheyenne. Dina thinks Bo has a crush on her when he becomes buddy-buddy with her. I mean why else would a guy want to be besties all of a sudden? Dina’s confidence is literally goals! I enjoyed when Cheyenne catches Bo hiding behind his self-made paper towel bunker, which actually looked quite comfortable. The scene with Cheyenne talking Bo out of his crazy idea leading him to quit propels him to go down in series of wonderfully hilarious drop the mic moments!

Furthermore, “Spring Cleaning” was one of my favorite episodes this season with the return of my favorite character Bo. I personally didn’t even realize how much I missed his presence on screen until he came back. I really enjoyed all of his interactions with the cast and the likeable but very awkward layer he adds to each scene is comedy gold!  I hope we see him in even more episodes to come and even crazier hijinks ensue!


Season 2, Episode 19 (S02E19)
Superstore airs Thursday at 8PM on NBC

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