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sets aside the will-they-or-won’t-they Amy/Jonah romance in their Valentine’s Day episode, putting them in two separate storylines. Amy and Glenn try to set up fellow Cloud Nine employees while Jonah goes undercover to help Dina try to catch a repeat shoplifter. Both storylines are fun, but very light. It’s not going to go down as one of the best Superstore episodes of the season, but it had its moments.

Superstore - Season 2

The episode opens with an employee named Miles proposing to fellow employee Lisa with a flash mob. Jonah and Amy think it’s lame, but it inspires Glenn to try to set up other employees. After all, he’s the one who hired Lisa and Miles, so he’s responsible for their happiness. Amy tells him that “it’s a workplace, not” but changes her mind once adorable greeter Arthur confides in her about his crush on Myrtle. Arthur, an old man, just wants to watch the ducks in the park with her. So sweet!

Amy reassigns Arthur from greeting to woman’s clothing so he can work by Myrtle, then spies on the two of them via the security cameras. Glenn joins her, happy that she’s left her cynicism aside. They see Arthur try to talk to Myrtle, but she walks away. They decide that she just needs a little push, so they fill her locker with gifts and pretend it’s from Arthur. Once again, adorable, but Myrtle bursts into tears. Apparently Arthur wasn’t complimenting her, he was sexually harassing her and Myrtle files a complaint to corporate against him as well as against Glenn and Amy for orchestrating the whole thing.

Superstore - Season 2

There’s a pretty funny scene where Glenn tries to defend their actions to corporate. When corporate asks if they were using the security cameras to spy on Myrtle, Glenn tells them that spying makes it sound like they were trying to get information, “we were just watching them for our own pleasure”, which is infinitely worse. Corporate brings in Jeff to lead a sexual harassment training session, where Glenn realizes that his courtship with his wife could be constituted as harassment. They worked together at his father’s hardware store, he asked her out every single day, and she only agreed because his dad threatened to fire her if she said no. Glenn’s slow realization, capped by him calling his wife telling her she only thinks she loves him, she’s really his victim, was hilarious. Glenn is the real MVP this episode.

Speaking of Jeff, Sandra really doubles down on the lie that they’re dating this episode, ordering herself expensive Valentine’s Day gifts and pretending they’re from him. This really annoys Mateo, especially because Jeff hasn’t gotten him anything. After the training session, Jeff pulls Mateo into a dressing room. He’s gotten him a keychain as a Valentine’s Day present, which Mateo hates, but then gives him something great. He calls Mateo his boyfriend. This relationship still seems to me like the only two gay characters forced together even though they have no real chemistry, but at least Mateo is happy.

Superstore - Season 2

Meanwhile, Jonah thinks he spots a repeat shoplifter in the store and volunteers to go undercover in order to catch her in the act. Dina’s normal plainclothes guy is off, so she agrees. However, once Jonah strikes up a conversation with the suspected thief, he’s charmed by her. So much so that he asks her out on a date and tells Dina that there’s no way she could be guilty. It’s silly and slight, but ends with a great scene. Annoyed that Jonah abandoned their plan, Dina dresses up like a soccer man and confronts him in the parking lot as he’s leaving with the girl, pretending to be his wife. The increasingly absurd details of their fake relationship were hilarious.

It wasn’t one of the show’s more memorable episodes, but it was a good reminder of how consistently funny Dina and Glenn’s characters are. Even in the weaker episodes, they provide reliable laughs.


Season 2, Episode 14 (S02E14)
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