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was firing on all cylinders this week, with a fun episode that managed to involve every character in the store. After Amy skips work to see a movie with her daughter, calling in sick, she happens upon Jeff kissing Mateo. She thinks that Jeff is dating Sandra, as Sandra has really doubled down on her commitment to that lie, so she sees it as a big scandal. Garrett and Cheyenne, who both know the truth, advise her to do absolutely nothing with this information, but of course, Amy goes straight to Mateo to confront him.

Mateo admits that he’s been dating Jeff since October and that Sandra has been lying to get attention. Amy promises not to tell anyone else, but it’s too late. An employee overheard their conversation and seemingly seconds later, Marcus tells Amy that “Jeff’s banging Mateo and Sandra’s insane.” The whole store knows. Amy half-heartedly tells Garrett that Sandra could be happy that everyone knows the truth. Garrett’s response? “Yes, the reason someone with low self-esteem commits to elaborate lies is because they want the truth to come out.” Garrett’s so consistently funny—I’d watch an entire show just about him.

Superstore - Season 2

Elsewhere in the store, there’s a wellness fair going on. In another great Garrett line, he tells the customers, “why go to a doctor when you can get medical advice at the same place you get dish soap?” The wellness fair sets off tensions between Jonah and Glenn, as Glenn believes that Jonah thinks he’s smarter than him. Every time Glenn mentions something, Jonah subtly puts him down or contradicts him. Glenn offers juice to the nurse working the fair (Artemis Pebdani of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame), Jonah tells him that juice isn’t actually healthy. The nurse agrees and the two compare documentaries they’ve watched. Glenn, desperate to be in the conversation, asks if they’ve seen Babe 2: Pig in the City, which got a big laugh out of me.

Everyone in the breakroom gossips about Sandra. Myrtle even calls her a “maniac”. Amy once again ignores Garrett advice to stay out of it and jumps it, making up more lies to defend her. She says that Sandra and Jeff were dating, but they broke up. Once Marcus brings up that it’s still weird that she’d say they were dating if they were broken, Amy elaborates, saying that Sandra is pregnant. Glenn overhears this and wants to throw a baby shower right away. Suggested themes: babies or manufacturing (Glenn), Breaking Bad (Marcus) and Arabian Nights (Myrtle). Trying to slow things down, Amy says that Sandra doesn’t even know if she’s going to keep it.

Superstore - Season 2

This of course upsets Glenn, who doesn’t believe in abortion, so he tries to convince Sandra that babies are great. Sandra doesn’t know about the fact that she’s supposed to be pregnant, so her confusion in these scenes is hilarious. Once Jonah realizes that Glenn is trying to pressure Sandra into keeping her fictional baby, he has to jump in and defend abortion. It’s classic Jonah. He says he defends the right for Sandra to do whatever she chooses with her body—Sandra jumps in and says she’s thinking about getting all the tattoos from Moana. Just so great.

Amy breaks up the very loud, very public abortion debate, but corporate has already been called in. Jeff tells them that they don’t have any documents about not discussing abortion at work because they just thought it was so obvious, but here they are. Someone yells at him for knocking up Sandra, but he doesn’t even know who Sandra is. Besides, he’s gay. Dina jumps to say that Sandra’s very forgettable—they all left her at Dave & Buster’s on her birthday. Sandra has no choice but to admit that she made the whole thing up for attention, but she actually is glad to be able to finally end all the lies.

Superstore - Season 2

Mateo can’t take it anymore and he announces that he and Jeff are dating, even though Jeff wanted to keep it a secret. Jeff confirms it and asks the assembled employees not to let it leave the room, as he’s not supposed to be dating employees—this can’t end well. We’ve already established that they’re all a bunch of gossips. Dina asks if casual sex between superiors and employees are ok, as she’s been having sex with Garrett! That secret is out too!

The episode ends with Jeff and Mateo proudly striding through the store, hand in hand, while Jonah and Glenn make up and Amy teases Garrett, causing him to reveal to Dina that she skipped work to see Lego Batman


Season 2, Episode 16 (S02E16)
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