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The Calloways get back to the business of life on SURVIVOR’S REMORSE. After receiving an unexpected gift of condolences from a leading, black family in Atlanta, Missie urges Reggie to get his foot in the door. M-Chuck goes to a court mandated therapy session and reveals some ugly but hilarious truths.

In the wake of Uncle Julius’ death, the Calloways join Richard and Dihane Freeman, a venerable, upper class couple, for some free-range shooting on a sprawling estate. This is the third episode of the season and the first that doesn’t deal directly with the tragedy; the tone is lighter and it’s clearly okay to laugh again. Debriefing after the outing, the family is split between admiration for the Freemans and slight misgivings about animal rights, which makes a perfect segway into Cassie’s announcement that she’s starting a podcast in honor of Uncle Julius.

Survivor’s Remorse Season 3 2016

Afterwards, Missie and Reggie butt heads over a thank-you note to the Freemans. Reggie doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but Missie insists that a thank-you note is the difference between their power couple destiny and a life of living on the margins. With some goading, Reggie finishes the note in time for Missie’s mail drop. Let the marital bliss resume.

M-Chuck finally goes to therapy and has a big breakthrough – she hates everything and everyone, including herself. But she finds the next step is even more difficult, convincing Cassie to join her for a session.

Meanwhile Cassie launches her new podcast, “Things We Think That You Should Think Too” with special guests Cam, Allison, Missie, Bao and M-Chuck aka everyone in her family. The recording is cancelled when M-Chuck demands to know what happened to her father. Strangely, Cassie pleads the fifth.

The thank-you note drama resurfaces between Missie and Reggie, when Missie discovers that Reggie spelled Mrs. Freeman’s name incorrectly (Dianne instead of Dihane). She forces him to write a second note and plans to intercept the mailman before he can deliver the offending note to the Freeman’s house.

Survivor’s Remorse Season 3 2016

The premiere episode established why details like this are so important to Missie. After being uprooted from the elite society of Boston, Missie has to rebuild her social life from the ground up, and the Freeman’s are an important rung on the ladder. Missie’s obsession is great for a laugh, but it doesn’t have enough weight to anchor this episode as a main story. On that note, neither does M-Chuck’s therapy subplot, which makes a little progress but is pretty open-ended.

So what’s Cam up to these days? Things with Allison seem to be on the mend, as she joins for the Freeman outing, the following dinner and the podcast taping. But other than a few comments here and there, Cam largely takes a back seat in this episode. His one starring moment is a heart-to-heart with Cassie, urging her open up to M-Chuck and go to therapy.

Predictably, Cassie listens, though we’ll have to wait a week to see if she and M-Chuck can survive a joint therapy session. In other news, Missie and Reggie successfully intercept the thank-you note. Missie’s victory celebration is somewhat dampened when she gets a response from the Freeman’s that offers condolences for Julius’ death but misspells his name.

The search for an A story in this episode may leave some viewers feeling empty-handed, because there really isn’t one to be found. This filler installment brings a lot of the show’s typical humor, but no direction to push the series forward.





Season 3, Episode 3 (S03E03)
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