SWITCHBACK (SPEC) ***Stuber and Broken Road Snatching Territories!***



Already into buyers for the weekend we’re hearing Stuber and Broken Road got into the mix, pulling another 3 territories off the table. So, it appears the hot new action/thriller spec from newcomer is still very much on its way. Allrich, who broke onto the scene in January with his first spec out, and subsequent sale for his project “The Forger”, is taking advantage of the buzz following his early success by hitting the market just two months later with a spec that is kept under wraps, but in the same genre. With the addition of agent from Paradigm to his first man in the corner – manager at Benderspink, Allrich is sitting in a pretty good position going into the weekend.

The spec, which is being pitched as “Safe House” meets “The Usual Suspects” is now into:

  • –Weed Road into Warner Bros.
  • –Chernin Entertainment into Fox
  • –Di Bonaventura Pictures into Lionsgate & Paramount

Now you can also add:

  • –Stuber into Universal
  • –Broken Road into Sony & New Line



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