{SXSW} Hardcore Henry Mini-Review: Vomit-Inducing First-Person Action


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The first-person-point-of-view trend is probably at its best with HARDCORE HENRY. The plot of the movie is thin, but then again, that’s not important here. The important thing is that we see an uber-violent movie from the point of view of man whose face we never see (or do we?). As an added bonus, we get to see play multiple, crazy roles.

Hardcore Henry could easily have been a gimmicky mess, but it isn’t. But the gimmick doesn’t take over the movie and it is far from a mess. pretty much slays every role he plays in the movie (yes, he plays multiple roles), proving that he is one of the most talented and underappreciated actors of our time. Other than that, the movie is a high dose of pure non-stop adrenaline that will make you flinch with unabashed excitement. Half bone-breaking action movie and half amusement park thrill ride, the movie is pure unadulterated fun. It gives you want you want and then some.

Written and directed by , the movie is ultimately a first-person shooter video game and has all the bloody fisticuffs that will satisfy your inner brute. But word to the wise: the movie can induce nausea so watch at your own risk… or take some dramamine beforehand.

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