SXSW Spotlight: “The Art Of Organized Noize” Sings, But Don’t “Trust” Nicolas Cage’s Latest


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The streets of Austin got a little more crowded today as the music portion of the festival got underway. In celebration of that, I decided to watch a music-oriented documentary and that was immediately followed by a scramble to cobble together a schedule that worked after some screenings hit their capacities. Either way, I added a couple more movies to my watchlist while the winners of the festival jury and award winners were announced.




I had the opportunity to chat with 9 Rides director, Matthew Cherry and he said that he was watching a music documentary called The Art of Organized Noize. I didn’t know what the movie was, but after reading about how it was essentially about the pioneers of “Dirty South” music movement in Atlanta, I was in.

Organized Noize is a Atlanta-based hip hop production company that has a rags to riches . Literally started in a basement by Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown and the group gave way to prominent artists of today such as Outkast and Cee Lo. Chances are, if you ever heard any Dirty South-centric song, you know who Organized Noize. They created a sound that served as a template to many artists today and they even expanded beyond the genre and created music for En Vogue, Ludacris, and their most popular track, “Waterfalls” by TLC.

This stellar documentary is a proper education of rise of the Atlanta hip hop scene, the influence that it had on all genres of music, and the much deserved credit that Rico, Sleepy and Ray deserve.



Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood star in this movie about two corrupt cops who attempt to pull off a heist after they find out a large sum of money is hidden in a convenience store. Sounds fun, right? Well, not so fast. Cage and Wood make for a great duo, but it seems like they were two actors who were supposed to be in an action/comedy but ended up in an action/drama. Their humor is not enough to save this mess of a caper pic — even the heist is uneventful.



The first-person-point-of-view trend is probably at its best with Hardcore Henry. The plot of the movie is thin, but then again, that’s not important here. The important thing is that we see an uber-violent movie from the point of view of man whose face we never see. As an added bonus, we get to see Sharlto Copley play multiple, crazy roles. The movie is essentially a first-person shooter video game and has all the bloody fisticuffs that will satisfy your inner brute. But word to the wise: the movie can induce nausea so watch at your own risk… or take some dramamine beforehand. Stay tuned for my full review soon.

Day 5 Thoughts

The one thing you should know about film festivals is that the majority of the time is spent in lines not knowing if you are going to get in. You have to plan your movie watching schedule accordingly because anything could happen — as was the case today. As said, yesterday, I was really looking forward to watching Mike Birbiglia’s comedy, Don’t Think Twice, but when I got there it was sold out, which made me very disappointed because I was really looking forward to it. Luckily, I remembered that The Art of Organzed Noize was playing so I hustled over to the theater it was playing and saw that. All was well, until after watching The Waiting I wanted to watch Operator, which was playing at the same theater so I didn’t think it was a problem. As soon as I exited The Waiting I found out that Operator was sold out — but I learned that since it was so popular, they were adding another screening of it tomorrow. As an alternate, I went to see The Trust. So what is the lesson here? When attending a film festival, make sure you have a back-up for your first choice screening just in case it gets sold out. Then have a back-up for your back-up… and then a back-up for that.

Plans For Day 6

My movie wishlist for tomorrow:


As you’ve seen from today’s events, this is all subject to change.

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