{SXSW} The Dwarvenaut Mini-Review: An Unlikely Documentary About A Dungeons And Dragons Fanatic


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On the surface, THE DWARVENAUT seems like a documentary about an eccentric Dungeons and Dragons fanatic, , but it quickly turns into a well-told, in-depth character study about an orphan who became a successful entrepreneur.

As his second documentary feature (his first, Made in Japan premiered at last year), tackled a subject that is stereotypically associated with the more nerdy and introverted. Although there is plenty about the role playing lifestyle, at its core, The Dwarvenaut is a story about achieving the American dream.

Bishop makes it about Pokorny, who is half Korean and half white, was adopted by a European couple. His mother was from Rome and his father was born in Czechoslovakia. So it’s also an immigrant story… told through the world of Dungeons & Dragons no less.

For the most part, Pokorny fits the mold of the typical D&D fanboy. He’s eccentric, a bit unhinged, and of course nerdy — but the doc makes him more than that and proves that he has a story worth telling.

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