Syfy Is Developing a Series Based on John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War”



Syfy is developing the series , based on ’s “Old Mans War” novels. (If you don’t know who is, just look around for the guy buried under a pile of Hugo Award statuettes.) The novels, set in a future in which mankind has expanded into the stars, follow septuagenarian John Perry, who enlists in the Colonial Defense Force. The CDF recruits the elderly from Earth, and transplants them into young, fit bodies, so that they can fight the carnivorous aliens who threaten humanity. During his enlistment, however, Perry discovers secrets and mysteries that threaten to unravel everything he knows about the CDF, and about his own past. and are overseeing the project, with and set to write the pilot.

There are five “Old Man’s War” novels: “Old Man’s War,” “Ghost Brigades,” “The Last Colony,” “Zoe’s Tale,” and “The Human Division.” Syfy presumably named their series after the second novel because they thought they might have trouble selling an action-oriented series about space marines if it had the words “old man” in the title. Anyway, titles aside, this is great news, if all goes well. “Old Man’s War” is fun and sad and full of allusions to Robert Heinlein, and there’s more than enough material in its universe to fill out a series.

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