Adam Sztykiel

Logline: A CIA operative is framed and becomes an enemy of the US while at a friend’s wedding in Europe and must reveal his true identity to his friends to recruit them to help him fight back.

Logline: A man believes he has finally, at age 30, left his nerd past behind him. But when he is up for a promotion against a guy who was the coolest in his high school class, his insecurities resurface.

Logline: Kept under wraps, but based on the 1980s video game in which cities are destroyed by a giant lizard, werewolf and gorilla.

Logline: Pitched as “The Break Up” meets “Four Christmases,” story of a couple hosting their first Christmas but get into a massive fight and break up. They try to hold everything together for the sake of their families but everything seems to go wrong.

Logline: The live-action misadventures of George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, and Astro Jetson, an Earth family in the 21st century.

Logline: A group of talking animals is forced to live under the same roof when the two halves of the couple that owns them move in together.

Logline: Story follows a former high school geek who ends up at a great company job with a beautiful girlfriend, but when the most popular guy at his high school is also hired, things begin to look like the good old days.