Verve out with SINCERELY SAMANTHA SMITH by Joe Ballarini. The incredible, inspiring true story of a 10 year-old girl who prevented World War 3.
In 1982, at the peak of the Nuclear Arms hysteria between the US and Soviets, shy, quiet 10 year-old Samantha Smith shot to world-wide fame when she became pen pals with the Soviet leader who invited her and her family to Russia to discuss peace talks between the super powers.

A dentist is given a pair of magic figs as a form of payment by a patient. The fruit, he’s told, has the power to make dreams come true. When his first wish comes true, he makes plans to use the second fig to become the richest man in the land. But when his dog eats the fig, man and dog switch places.

Film Rights - 2015 (database listings) A CIA analyst is tasked with tracking down a flashy assassin whose targets are seemingly random. Connected only by a series of numbered tags left on each victim, Quinn Mitchell comes to a mind-boggling discovery: the targets are being sent to the assassin from the future – by her.